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El repositorio recoge todo tipo de materiales digitales: artículos de revistas, comunicaciones a congresos, tesis doctorales, documentos de trabajo, materiales docentes y objetos de aprendizaje, así como los productos digitales del patrimonio bibliográfico de la Universidad de Córdoba.

Departamento de Arquitectura de Computadores, Electrónica y Tecnología Electrónica

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  1. Graphical Diagnosis of Performances in Photovoltaic Systems: A Case Study in Southern Spain

    Santiago, Isabel; Trillo Montero, David; Luna Rodríguez, J.J.; Moreno-García, Isabel; Palacios García, Emilio
    The starting point of the operation and maintenance tasks in photovoltaic plants is the continuous monitoring and supervision of its components. The great amount of registered data requires a major improvement in the ways this information is processed and analyzed to rapidly detect any potential fault, without incurring additional costs. In this paper, a procedure to perform a detailed graphical supported analysis of the operation of photovoltaic installations, based on inverter data, and using a self-developed application, is presented. The program carries out the automated processing of the registered data, providing their access and visualization by means of color maps. These graphs allow a large volume of...
    (application/pdf) - 25-ene-2018

  2. Streetlight Control System Based on Wireless Communication over DALI Protocol

    Bellido Outeiriño, Francisco José; Quiles-Latorre, Francisco Javier; Moreno Moreno, Carlos Diego; Flores Arias, José María; Moreno-García, Isabel; Ortiz-López, Manuel
    Public lighting represents a large part of the energy consumption of towns and cities. Efficient management of public lighting can entail significant energy savings. This work presents a smart system for managing public lighting networks based on wireless communication and the DALI protocol. Wireless communication entails significant economic savings, as there is no need to install new wiring and visual impacts and damage to the facades of historical buildings in city centers are avoided. The DALI protocol uses bidirectional communication with the ballast, which allows its status to be controlled and monitored at all times. The novelty of this work is that it tackles all aspects related...
    (application/pdf) - 25-ene-2018

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