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  1. Beta- Blockers and Dental patient

    Kim Tu, Nguyen Bat
    Beta-blockers are important group of drugs that is particularly used for treatment, prevention and management of the cardiovascular diseases. Determination and controlling these patients who visit the dental clinic are given significant information to dentists and surgeons, especially in the medicine uptake. So, it's improtant to know the current medical problems of each patients and which generation of the beta-blockers they can take. Dentists can examine carefully the oral manifestation of the patients if they are able to have beta-blocker therapy for long time because of misdiagnosis. In addition, dentists and dental surgeons must be able to identify medical emergencies...

  2. Bioceramics in endodontic

    Abbasi, Vahid
    This thesis is a review on recent calcium silicate based products

  3. Management of hypertensive patients in dental practice

    Ho, Tran
    Hypertension is one of the most common systemic diseases encountered in dental setting due to its high prevalence worldwide. It is a “silent killer” often asymptomatic for many years, is the most powerful risk factors for cardiovascular disease, retinal disease, renal failure, stroke and other health problems, which are conditions that increase complications during and after dental procedures. Dentists play an important role in screening undiagnosed and uncontrolled hypertension resulting in improved monitoring and treatment. Hypertension management in dental practice includes early recognition and correct measurement providing corresponding treatment according to the condition, complications of different drug interaction and risk...

  4. How the Body Shapes the Mind

    Dobreva, Anastasiya
    In this thesis we will be looking at embodiment and embodied cognition first. Our mind is embodied though our movements and interactions in the world, it shapes our cognition. Cognitive process are deeply rooted through our body’s interactions with the world. I will also look at body image and how it can affect people. Negative body image will leave a person as having a bad outlook on life, compared to a person with a positive body image who will see the world more brightly. I will finally look at body image in different cultures. The two cultures are individualist and...

  5. Diabetes, Signs and Symptoms In The Oral Cavity

    Voinotinschi, Zinaida
    Diabetes is chronic endocrine disorder, it can affect the soft tissues of the oral cavity including the peridontal tissues, salivary dysfunction and oral fungal and bacterial infections

  6. Vasoconstrictors used in dentistry

    Bhikha, Chirag Dinesh
    vasoconstrictor agents in anesthesia can be detrimental to the health of patients if they are used improperly. However, vasoconstrictors have many advantages too as the study shows. The knowledge of the chemistry, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics is essential in the bank of knowledge of the dentists and is key to learn and understand to those upcoming dentists, without which, the healthcare in society can be neglected and can cause grave complications.

  7. Pharmacology of Diabetes Type II Dentistry implications

    Meliou, Maria
    Diabetes mellitus type II is a late onset. its multifactorial for example obesity, smoking, low birth weight. Gestational diabetes can be associated with it and also genetics can be a key role. in dental manifestation can be gingivitis and periodontitis.

  8. Tongue disorders of hepatological patients: fissured tongue, and rhomboid glossitis.

    Moshref razavi, Soroush
    Oral mucosal often mirror general health problem. Vast majority of systemic diseases have oral manifestations. Abnormal liver function, anemia, serum iron level, diabetes and concomitant gastrointestinal diseases have significant effect on prevalence of fissured tongue and rhomboid glossitis.

  9. Articaine: Pharmacological and clinical features

    Abkhezr, Elmira
    Articaine, is an anaesthetic used in dental practice, which offers an alternative to lidocain. The aim is to reversibly inhibit gated sodium channels, in order to block the pain pathway. In this thesis I have focused on six main chapters including an introduction, history, the role of epinephrine, the efficacy, clinical use, and complications

  10. Penicillins and Lincosamides In Dentistry

    Angelos, Varnavides; Varnavides, Angelos
    My dissertation s main goal is , to talk initially about the general use of antibiotics in dentistry for example antibiotic recommendations, are based on two categories of infections localized: pain in tooth, infection visible on radiograph, only slight swelling and spreading: swelling closing eye, swollen naso-labial fold, pronounced intra-oral swelling.Later on this thesis analyzes the properties of Penicillins and Lincosamides in general, including briefly information about their structures,their clasiffication, mechanisms of action, drug resistances and drug interactions

  11. Fear and Anxiety in Dentistry

    Seraj, Shehzad
    Within the profession of dentistry, it has become more and more evident that the relationship a dentist has with his or her patients is equally as important as the actual medical treatment of diseases and disorders. It is no secret that there is a vast percentage of the general population that feel a sense of fear and anxiety when visiting a dental practitioner. This results in patients avoiding appointments with their dentists, sometimes to the extent of not visiting a dental practice for decades. As a consequence of this, necessary treatment cannot be carried out and the conditions of the oral...

  12. Oral manifestations of diabetes mellitus

    Tarapuri, AbdSubhaan
    Diabetes mellitus is a well documented disease that is present worldwide. This paper aims to explore the connection between DM and the oral cavity. Conditions or diseases which manifest themselves within the oral cavity as direct or indirect results of diabetes mellitus have been highlighted. Moreover, emphasis is made on the contol, management, treatment of DM. The conclusion to these findings show that there is positive correlation between the oral diseases mentioned and DM but statistically significant results are only found with regards to uncontrolled DM patients.


    After conducting a thorough research on antibiotics in dentistry, it has been found that dentists play a very vital role in prescribing antibiotics and in its resistance. Diagnosis should be made to find the causative organism. If it is not clear, appropriate test should be carried out to prove it. Once that is done, the correct drug with accurate spectrum of antibiotics should be prescribed with the correct regimen. It is very important for all practitioners especially dentists to diagnose the patient accurately and prescribe antibiotics with an apt regimen only if necessary in order to prevent the antibiotic prevalence...

  14. The use of local anesthetics in dentistry

    Incecik, Elif Seyma
    The local anesthetics that has been used since the history and now in modern time in dentistry and their effect on patient during dental treatment as well as comparison of all local anesthetics between each other as in their effect, quality, metabolisation and toxicity.

  15. Novel drugs in therapy of diabetes mellitus type 2

    etemadian jahromi, elnaz
    type 2 diabetes mellitus is an ever increasing complex endocrine and metabolic disorder while its management has still remains as a complex and challenging issue and the need for novel approaches to treat hyperglycemia simply cannot be ignored. SGLT 2 inhibitors are also reliable new class of antidiabetic drugs such as Dapagliflozin and Canagliflozin are currently approved in the US, Europe and Japan. They cause both weight loss and glycemic control effectively with a low risk of hypoglycemia.However, it is still not certain if SGLT2 inhibitors can improve the clinical effect of diabetes, like micro- or macrovascular late complications.

  16. Culturally Competent Dentistry in a Multicultural Environment; Psychological & Sociological Analysis

    Solanki, Neelam Harish
    Thesis regarding how to provide competent dentistry in a multi-cultural environment. With the changing demographics of the world and globalization, I feel this is a very relevant topic. It aims to identify the barriers a dentist may face whilst serving a multi-cultural community as well as aim to identify what can be done to overcome these barriers.

  17. Dental Patients with Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    Heirani Moghaddam, Mobin
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the general name for a collection of diseases which affect the lungs, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive airways disease.COPD is the fourth leading cause of morbidity and mortality, the leading cause of disability and the sixth in prevalence of major conditions.The dental professional therefore must provide correct dental care in the context of such a diagnosis. The dental surgeon in practice today must be prepared to provide care for patients with complex medical conditions. Routine dental care can be provided when the dental health care professionals are knowledgeable about pulmonary diseases and...

  18. Endocarditis in dental practice

    Aljundi, Safaa
    Dental procedures carry some risk of developing infective endocarditis in susceptible person. Some dental procedures need antibiotic prophylaxis which has been questioned in recent times. However infective endocarditis should be avoided at all costs, dental procedures do present a risk, dental practitioners must have detailed knowledge of endocarditis and until the new guidelines assure that there will be no untoward effects, it may be best to continue with the practice of antibiotic prophylaxis in invasive dental procedures.

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