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  1. The Effects Of The Industrial Revolution in North and South & Hard Times

    Matula, Márk
    The essay compares the main themes, like master-servant relationship, education and the position of women in North and South and Hard times.

  2. Gypsy Representations in American Literature and Film: A Study of Selected Works by Martin Cruz Smith, Thomas Pynchon, and Frank Pierson

    Lakatos, Zsuzsanna
    Stereotypes have a significant influence on the way Romani or Gypsy characters are represented in literature, films, and the media in general. Most of the depicted stereotypes and conceptions reflect the preconceptions of the dominant culture in various parts of the world. In the United States, for example, where Gypsies do not live in large numbers, negative stereotypical images about of them may be false and inaccurate, but not as harsh or demeaning as they are in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Still, the American and the European depictions have a number of general points in common. For instance,...

  3. Walter White as an Anti-Hero and the Representation of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle in Vincent Gilligan's Breaking Bad

    Hagymási, Enikő
    Dolgozatomban a Breaking Bad című sorozat főszereplőjének, Walter White karakterének fejlődését vizsgálom, pontosabban azt a folyamatot, hogy hogyan válik egy átlagos középiskolai kémia tanár veszélyes és kiszámíthatatlan bűnözővé. A sorozat legfontosabb jeleneteit elemzem, amelyekben a legszembetűnőbbek a változások Walt karakterét illetően. Elemzésem fő tárgya, hogy miért tekinthető Walt antihősnek. Továbbá, amellett érvelek, hogy Walt a Heisenberg nevet tudatosan választotta álnevének. Azt boncolgatom, hogy Walt karaktere és a Werner Heisenberg-féle határozatlansági reláció között párhuzam fedezhető fel. Walt két legfontosabb tulajdonságán keresztül, a kettősségén és a kiszámíthatatlanságán keresztül mutatom be ezt a párhuzamot.

  4. The Influence of Edgar Allan Poe on Contemporary Popular Music

    Dolhai, Márk
    This essay collects and analyses the contemporary music adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe's poems and stories by highlighting and featuring prominent songs, concept albums, essays and major or minor links between the American author and music.

  5. Gaming Literature

    Ráduly, Dávid
    A szakdolgozat azt vizsgálja, hogy hogyan jelennek meg a transz- és poszthumán fogalmak William Gibson irodalmi műveiben, illetve interaktív módon a SOMA és Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void videojátékokban.

  6. Mexican Migration to the United States

    Lovas, Csilla
    The thesis demonstrates the relationship between Mexico and the United States since 1848. The focus is on the social and economic fields, describing the life of Mexicans in the USA.

  7. Scottish National Identity in Contemporary Scottish Literature

    Ádám, Renáta
    The topic of my thesis is a certain form of identity, that is, national identity, in a special context: I will explore the workings of national identity in a community which has not been independent for the last 300 years, and which can even be characterized as a “stateless nation,” a community without its own sovereignty: Scotland. Their special situation allowed the birth of a unique sense of national identity which is reflected through their culture with all its contradictions and distinctive features. Although not necessarily in a straightforward manner, this tension is visible in Scottish literature, in the heavy...


    Coklán, Artúr
    The paper tells about the relations between the United States and Ukraine since 1991 till 2017. It covers the foreign policies of different presidents of Ukraine, the influence of the United States' public diplomacy in Ukraine, and the role of the US in the development of Ukraine as a sovereign, independent country.


    Papp, Dóra
    The novel is concerned with how internalization enables the state to create an environment in which the idea of disobedience does not even emerge in ordinary people’s mind. It suggests that if people are born into a culture of ignorance, disobedience against their oppressed state cannot have strong roots. The novel also analyses how powerfully visibility and citizenship influence the way everyday people form their identities. Moreover, it specifies the necessary qualities the state must assume and retain in order to maintain its supremacy. The City & the City presents a shadowy, unreachable and unseen organization, called Breach, with an...

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