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  1. Ipari eszközökkel megvalósított automata elektropneumatikus rajzgép

    Szabó, László; Tóth, János; Husi, Géza
    A feladat célja egy elektropneumatikus rajzgép tervezése, összeállítása és működtetése, melynek irányítását egy PLC végzi el úgy, hogy PC-s kezelő felületlétrehozására is sor kerül. A rajzgép mind kézi, mind automatikus rajzolási folyamatokat képes végrehajtani.

  2. Épületautomatizálási rendszer kiépítése Arduinoval és ESP8266 modullal

    Nagy, Zoltán Simon; Sarvajcz-Bánóczy, Emese; Husi, Géza
    Ezen kutatás keretein belül egy épületautomatizálási rendszer készült el, mely alapját Arduino Pro Mini mikrokontrollerek és ESP-01 Wi-Fi modulok adják. Az elkészült rendszer reluxát és hangulatvilágítást vezérel illetve mérési adatokat gyűjt

  3. Speed Sensorless Control of Six-Phase Asynchronous Motor Drive

    Elbarbary, Z.M.S
    Multi -phase ac motor drives are nowadays considered for various applications, due to many advantages that they offer when compared to three-phase motors. Cancellation of mechanical position or speed sensors at the motor shaft have the attractions for adjustable speed drives of induction motor to reduce the cost and increase the reliability. To replace the sensor, information of the rotor speed is extracted from measured stator currents and voltages at motor terminals. This paper investigates speed estimation method using model reference adaptive system (MRAS) to improve the performance of a sensorless vector controller of six-phase induction motor (IM). In the...

  4. Research regarding electro-oculogram based Human Computer Interface (HCI)

    Nagy, Robert-Béla; Vesselenyi, Tiberiu
    In this article an electro-oculogram (EOG) based Human Computer Interface (HCI) will be presented, in order to control the mouse cursor on the screen of a computer or laptop. Electromyography (EMG) is the domain that employs the activation and deactivation (onset and cessation) of the muscles. EOG is the sub-domain of EMG field that focuses on the human eye’s movements. The EOG bio-signals can be recorded using Ag/AgCl electrodes coupled on the user’s skin and fed into a data acquisition device - an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) in order to be transmitted, filtered and processed on a computer or laptop. We...

  5. Mechatronic Systems for Caregivers Support on the Context of Bedridden People Care

    Bezerra, Karolina; Machado, José; Silva, Bruno; Gonzalez, Lídia; Carvalho, Vítor; Soares, Filomena; Matos, Demétrio; Pereira, Filipe
    With the increasing number of aged people, especially in developed countries, Wellbeing solutions have became an important subject to be explored and developed. Currently, as specialized Institutions in geriatric care cannot cope with the increasing requests for support of quality of life, patients have to remain at their homes having as caregiver the other member of the couple or a member of close family. A solution for supporting the caregiver, during assisting the bedridden person with some basic tasks as eating, taking a bath and/or hygiene care is of utmost importance. This paper presents an overview for supporting the caregiver...

  6. LabView-based Simulator for PV Modules Energy Efficiency Optimization

    Szász, Csaba
    Due to the rapid depletion of traditional fossil energy resources the optimal utilization of renewable resources such as the solar energy becomes a leading task in power engineering. In recent years photovoltaic energy-linked technologies has reached major advances in order to achieve improved energy efficiency conversion rates. In this endeavor, a huge amount of high quality research effort is dedicated worldwide. This paper is focused to present the design and implementation steps of a LabView-based toolkit aimed to modeling and simulates solar photovoltaic (PV) cells in a wide range of operation conditions. By using its well known mathematical model, it...

  7. Internet based light quality measurement

    Samu, Krisztián; Thamó, Bálint
    The goal of this project was to implement a device, which can measure the illuminance and the correlatedcolor temperature (CCT) of a light source and also works as a webserver.The analyzation of light sources is very important in our everyday life. With the use of a webserver the measured values are easily accessible and the calculation methods can be changed without any changes on the hardware. It also provides a solution to store and analyze the results without further human interaction. Therefore the device is capable of collecting and analyzing a large amount of data.For these criterions we chose a...

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