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  1. American Indian Studies Program

    McAdams, Janet, 1957-
    Duration: 00:47:27

  2. The Greatest Travelers in America

    Warren, Stephen, 1970-
    Introduction by Jay Miller (00:00:00-00:08:12) -- Presentation (00:08:17-00:58:12) -- Questions (00:58:15-01:11:00)

  3. Epistemology or Politics: The Challenge of Indigenous Peoples Studies in the Age of Globalism

    Varese, Stefano
    Introduction by Jay Miller (00:00:00-00:07:49) -- Presentation (00:07:54-01:02:03) -- Questions (01:02:16-01:16:12)

  4. Siouan Tribes of the Ohio Valley: "Where did all those Indians come from?"

    Rankin, Robert L.

  5. Tecumseh: Looking Behind the Icon

    Sugden, John, 1947-
    Introduction (00:00:00 - 00:09:45 -- Presentation (00:09:50 - 01:02:20) -- Questions (01:02:20 - 01:23:25)

  6. Being of One Heart

    Menzies, Charles
    Indigenous lessons for fishing and harvesting in a decolonizing world (the example of K'moda).

  7. The Arts of Community Building Among the Yuchi and Other Woodland Tribes Today

    Jackson, Jason Baird, 1969-
    Slide numbers 4, 7, 18-22, 24, 28, 30, 35-37 were removed at the request of the speaker.

  8. Black Hawk and Keokuk: The Complexity of Inter-tribal Politics

    Fixico, Donald Lee, 1951-
    Requires Real Player to view.

  9. Ohio Indian Country

    Tanner, Helen Hornbeck
    Requires Real Player to view.

  10. Early Mound Builders of Northeast Louisiana

    Saunders, Joe
    Requires Real Player to view.

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