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Empirical Musicology Review: Volume 2, Number 3 (2007)

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  1. Announcements

    Butler, David
    Calls for Papers and Conferences

  2. Review: McPherson, G.E. (Ed.) The Child as Musician: A Handbook

    Russell, Joan
    Review of McPherson, G.E. (Ed.) The Child as Musician: A Handbook of Musical Development. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN10 0-19-853031-5, ISBN13 978-0-19-853031-2 (hardcover) £80.00. ISBN10 0-19-853032-3, ISBN13 978-0-19-853032-9 (paperback) £34.95.

  3. Reply to "Embodied Rhythm" by Bruno Repp and "Do Preferred Beat Rate and Entrainment to the Beat Have a Common Origin in Movement?" by Laurel Trainor

    Todd, Neil P. McAngus; Lee, Christopher S.
    Two leading issues raised in commentaries on the authors’ earlier article (2007) involved the possible roles of gender differences and the vestibular system on test results. Those issues are discussed in this reply.

  4. Language Plots in Musical Spaces: A Response to Adams Bodomo and Manolete Mora

    Avorgbedor, Daniel
    The commentary begins with by briefly reviewing UNESCO’s activities in the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of cultural traditions worldwide, and particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Suggestions are then made regarding how the observations reported by Bodomo & Mora (2007) might be augmented by various theoretical, musical, and ethnolinguistic perspectives. The commentary also addresses challenges of designing and conducting research regarding integrative performance events and the construction, communication, and interpretation of cultural meaning.

  5. Facilitation and Coherence Between the Dynamic and Retrospective Perception of Segmentation in Computer-Generated Music

    Bailes, Freya; Dean, Roger T.
    We examined the impact of listening context (sound duration and prior presentation) on the human perception of segmentation in sequences of computer music. This research extends previous work by the authors (Bailes & Dean, 2005), which concluded that context-dependent effects such as the asymmetrical detection of an increase in timbre compared to a decrease of the same magnitude have a significant bearing on the cognition of sound structure. The current study replicated this effect, and demonstrated that listeners (N = 14) are coherent in their detection of segmentation between real-time and retrospective tasks. In addition, response lag was reduced from a first hearing to a second hearing, and...

  6. Documenting Spoken and Sung Texts of the Dagaaba of West Africa

    Bodomo, Adams; Mora, Manolete
    This article discusses a documentation of spoken texts, sung texts, and dances of the Dagaaba, a mainly oral West African cultural group based on actual interdisciplinary linguistic and musicological field research within the group. The importance of this documentation lies in the fact that traditional oral cultures are fast disappearing among some sections of such societies in the face of a ruthless process of globalization. The article outlines the socio-cultural organization of the communities investigated, gives a succinct description of the structure of Dagaare, language of the Dagaaba, and describes the structure of bawaa, their main dance, before analyzing transcriptions...

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