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Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume 55 (Winter 2001)

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  1. Front Matter (Number 55, Winter 2001)

  2. Explaining Directional Asymmetry in Turkish [h] Deletion: A Crosslinguistic Study of Perceptibility

    Mielke, Jeff

  3. Lexical Effects in the Perception of Obstruent Ordering

    Makashay, Matthew J.
    This material is based upon work supported under a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship.

  4. VCCV Perception: Putting Place in its Place

    Winters, Steve
    Jun (1995) and Hume (1998) incorporate perception into analysis of cross-linguistic trends in place assimilation and metathesis by claiming that the perceptual salience of specific segments motivates the ranking of relevant OT constraints. This study investigates the specific claims Jun and Hume make concerning the perceptual salience of cues for stop place of articulation to determine whether their salience actually could motivate the proposed OT rankings. Since both Jun and Hume based their proposals on a consideration of cues for stop place of articulation in the appropriate (VCCV) context for place assimilation and metathesis, this study only tested the salience...

  5. A Perception-based Study of Sonorant Assimilation in Korean

    Seo, Misun
    This work was supported by Graduate Students Travel Grants from International Studies at the Ohio State University.

  6. The Interplay of Perception and Phonology in Tone 3 Sandhi in Chinese Putonghua

    Huang, Tsan

  7. A Model of the Interplay of Speech Perception and Phonology

    Hume, Elizabeth; Johnson, Keith

  8. A Perceptual Account of Manner Dissimilation in Greek

    Tserdanelis, Georgios

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