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Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume 60 (Spring 2013)

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  1. Front Matter (Number 60, Spring 2013)

  2. Prosody of Focus and Contrastive Topic in K'iche'

    Yasavul, Murat
    This paper discusses the findings of an experimental study about the prosodic encoding of focus and contrastive topic in K'iche'. The central question being addressed is whether prosody plays a role in distinguishing string-identical sentences where the pre-predicate expression can be interpreted as being focused or contrastively topicalized depending on context. I present a production experiment designed to identify whether such sentences differ in their prosodic properties as has been impressionistically suggested in the literature (Larsen 1988; Aissen 1992; Can Pixabaj & England 2011). The overall strategy of the experiment was to obtain naturally occurring data from native speakers of...

  3. An Acoustic Analysis of Voicing in American English Dental Fricatives

    Smith, Bridget
    In this study, an acoustic analysis of the dental fricatives as produced by American English speakers from the Buckeye Corpus (Pitt et al. 2006) reveals that the dental fricatives are subject to variation in voicing based on phonetic environment, much more than is usual for a pair of phonemes whose phonological distinction is based on voicing, confirmed by a comparison with the voicing of /f/ and /v/. The results of the study show that voicing (presence or absence of glottal pulses) for /θ/ and /ð/ is not predictable by phoneme in conversational speech, but it is more predictable based on...

  4. An Introduction to Random Processes for the Spectral Analysis of Speech Data

    Reidy, Patrick F.
    Spectral analysis of acoustic data is a common analytical technique with which phoneticians have ample practical experience. The primary goal of this paper is to introduce to the phonetician, whose primary interest is the analysis of linguistic data, a portion of the theory of random processes and the estimation of their spectra, knowledge of which bears directly on the choices made in the process of analyzing time series data, such as an acoustic waveform. The paper begins by motivating the use of random processes as a model for acoustic speech data, and then introduce the spectral representation (or, spectrum) of...

  5. Perceived Foreign Accent in Three Varieties of Non-Native English

    McCullough, Elizabeth A.
    What aspects of the speech signal cause listeners to perceive a foreign accent? While many studies have explored this question for a single variety of non-native speech, few have simultaneously considered non-native speech from multiple native language backgrounds. In this perception study, American Englishspeaking listeners rated stop-vowel sequences extracted from English words produced by L1 American English, L1 Hindi, L1 Korean, and L1 Mandarin talkers on a continuous scale of degree of foreign accent. Stepwise linear regression models revealed that VOT, vowel quality, f0, and vowel duration contributed significantly to the ratings. Additionally, listeners rated productions by all varieties of...

  6. Coordination in Hybrid Type-Logical Categorial Grammar

    Kubota, Yusuke; Levine, Robert
    We formulate explicit analyses of certain non-standard coordination examples discussed in Levine (2011) in a variant of categorial grammar called Hybrid Type-Logical Categorial Grammar (Kubota 2010; Kubota & Levine 2012; Kubota to appear). These examples are of theoretical importance since they pose significant challenges to the currently most explicit and most comprehensive analysis of coordination, formulated in a variant of HPSG called Linearization-based HPSG (Reape 1996; Kathol 1995) and advocated by various authors in the recent literature (Yatabe 2001; Crysmann 2003; Beavers & Sag 2004; Chaves 2007; Sag & Chaves 2008). This approach, which we call the Linearization-Based Ellipsis (LBE)...

  7. On Phonically Based Analogy

    Joseph, Brian D.
    In this paper I examine the role sound alone can play as the basis for analogical connections among forms, as opposed to more conventionally discussed factors such as paradigmatic structure, grammatical category, or meaning. Examples are presented here, mainly from English, that show sound effects in analogy at various levels of linguistic analysis, including phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics, and the lexicon.

  8. Multiple Antecedent Agreement as Semantic or Syntactic Agreement

    Johnson, Cynthia A.
    In this paper, I challenge the argument put forth by Corbett (1991) that, within multiple antecedent agreement, the two possible agreement strategies, Resolution and Partial Agreement, can be viewed as semantic and syntactic agreement, respectively. Resolution, while semantically motivated and involving input from all of the agreement controllers, is not the same as semantic agreement in singleantecedent contexts. Partial Agreement, which relies on the morphological features of only one of the antecedents, still requires reference to the semantic features of both antecedents, as this strategy is more likely when the controllers are inanimate. Instead, I propose that the distribution of...

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