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  1. Re-victimizing Trafficked Migrant Women: The Southern Border Plan and Mexico’s Anti-trafficking Legislation

    Correa-Cabrera, Guadalupe; Clark, Jennifer Bryson
    The phenomena of migration and trafficking in persons are inextricably linked in Mexico. Restrictive border policies and inadequate anti-trafficking legislation increase the vulnerability of migrants to exploitation and trafficking. Migrant women constitute a highly vulnerable group facing increasing risks of not only trafficking, but of re-victimization. The Southern Border Plan (Plan Frontera Sur), implemented by the Government of Mexico in July 2014, has increased the vulnerability to trafficking of migrants, and in particular of women. The Plan has resulted in a sharp increase in deportations from Mexico. Migrants and smugglers have been pushed to find new and more dangerous routes to evade the new checkpoints and...

  2. Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors: Challenging the Citizenship Regime in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

    Montoya, T. Mark
    This article is theoretical in focus, contrasting a legalized citizenship of membership (the citizenship regime) with an alternative-citizenship of belonging (“borderdom”). The article will discuss the broader issues of cultural politics, which I argue transcend both the U.S.-Mexico borderlands and the citizenship regime. As such, we should confront and cross borders, as we seek to deconstruct them through the creative means that seek to redefine place and space against oppressive contexts, as a new discourse – a “borderdom” – is itself a utilized and evolving new culture. Beyond the citizenship regime, the article will examine cultural politics in the U.S.- Mexico borderlands and the people who...

  3. Reece Jones, Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move, London: Verso: 2016. 224pp.

    Boruah, Uddipta Ranjan

  4. Rethinking the Insulator State: Turkey’s Border Security and the Syrian Civil War

    Imai, Kohei
    This article examines Turkey’s border security after the outbreak of the Syrian civil war from the viewpoint of the concept of the insulator state. First, it aims to explore Turkey’s border security policies with regard to the Syrian civil war. Turkey’s attempts to overcome and solve the difficulties rooted of Syrian civil war have been vital to its own border security in recent years. Second purpose is to rethink the concept of the insulator state. This article attempts to sophisticate the concept of the insulator state, and applies it to the case of Turkey. In conclusion, this paper clarifies the change in the meaning of...

  5. Borderization in Georgia: Sovereignty Materialized

    Boyle, Edward
    This paper shall examine the process of borderization that has been proclaimed as occurring along the Georgian-South Ossetian boundary. This boundary is one that remains largely unrecognized, as the claims of the Georgian state to sovereignty over South Ossetia are accepted by the majority of the international community. The crucial exception to this is Russia, under whose aegis this process of borderization is occurring. The result is the creation of a physical barrier around the territory of South Ossetia, one that seeks to materialize what was previously an administrative fiction on the ground, halting the movement of people and goods across this border and dividing people...

  6. The Russian-U.S. Borderland: Opportunities and Barriers, Desires and Fears

    Golunov, Serghei
    The paper focuses on the Russia-U.S. cross-border area that lies in the Bering Sea region. Employing the concept of geographical proximity, I argue that the U.S.-Russian proximity works in a limited number of cases and for relatively few kinds of actors, such as companies supplying Chukotka with American goods, border guards conducting rescue operations, organizers of environmental projects and cruise tours, and aboriginal communities. The impressive territorial proximity between Asia and North America induces ambitious and sometimes widely advertised official and public desires of conquering the spatial divide, promoted by extreme travellers and planners of transcontinental tunnel or bridge projects. At the same time, cooperation is...

  7. Introduction to “Border and Gender Studies: Theoretical and Empirical Overlap”

    Collins, Kimberly

  8. 大石高典著『民族境界の歴史生態学 : カメルーンに生きる農耕民と狩猟採集民』

    近藤, 祉秋

  9. 陳天璽、大西広之、小森宏美、佐々木てる編著『パスポート学』

    薮野, 祐三

  10. 港町マドラスにみる「境界」 : 17世紀のクリスチャン・タウンと「ポルトガル人」

    和田, 郁子

  11. オーストリア=ハンガリー二重君主国による「最後通牒」(1914年7月23日)再考 : F. ヴィースナーの『覚書』にみる開戦決断の背景

    村上, 亮

  12. EU国境地域における<境域>のポリティクス : 欧州移民規制レジームの構築とチュニジア人難民

    南波, 慧

  13. 沖縄出身米留経験者の台湾疎開 : 伊志嶺朝三オーラルヒストリー

    菅野, 敦志

  14. 『境界研究』第4号の刊行によせて

    岩下, 明裕; 平山, 陽洋; 福田, 宏

  15. Remittances, rituals and reconsidering women's norms in mahallas : emigrant labour and its social effects in Ferghana Valley

    Kikuta, Haruka
    This paper describes recent economic and social changes in Central Asian neighbourhood communities known as mahallas, using data from a town in the Ferghana Valley. First, the paper examines how the increasing costs of life-cycle rituals are damaging the harmony of mahallas. Since 2007, more and more hosts have begun to outsource the provision of food and services for these rituals, using money acquired mostly through emigrant labour. This in turn lessens mahallas’ mutual aid practices, and reveals emerging economic disparities between neighbours. Secondly, the paper argues that emigration has had transformative effects on the lifestyles of Muslim women in...

  16. 中国文化産業の「越境」の意味すること : 華人文化産業投資基金(CMC)を事例として

    渡辺, 浩平

  17. ロシア正教会と中国 : 北京宣教団設立300周年に寄せて

    松里, 公孝

  18. パインアップル缶詰から見る台琉日関係史

    北村, 嘉恵

  19. アラル海の過去・現在・未来 : 2013年1月~2月、カザフスタン巡検、八人の証言

    地田, 徹朗

  20. アジテーター市川與一郎と「物語」としての尼港事件

    井澗, 裕

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