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  1. 農協系統組織再編と経済連の位置

    藤田, 久雄
    In 1991, the general assembly of Japanese agricultural cooperatives agreed on an organizational restructuring called the “two level business and administrative reorganization” Under this proposal, prefectural-level federations of agricultural cooperatives were to be abolished and their functions were to taken over by the national-level federations and business unit associations. The national-level federation was to supervise the business unit associations directly, i. e., so-called “two-level restructuring without middle levels”. Following this decision, the prefectural economic federation of agricultural cooperatives was reorganized into 34 prefectural headquarters under the Zennoh federation (Zennoh integrated type). In 5 prefectures, the former prefectural economic federation of agricultural cooperatives reorganized into 5 agricultural cooperatives; one per prefecture (United one type). In addition, 8 prefectural economic federation of agricultural...

  2. 北海道における採卵養鶏業の企業化と系統農協機能の変化に関する研究

    大森, 隆
    Laying poultry farm in Hokkaido, small-scale farm was a common management structure about 5 to 10 birds feeding until 1950s. Once in the 1960s, the farmers of less than 50 birds per farm was the mainstream. However, going out of business of small-scale breeding scale farmer poultry and the scale of the poultry farmers of the remaining proceeds, and the breeding production of eggs was significantly increased. In this way, to expand trading firms poultry share, poultry farmers and poultry companies that have rallied Hokuren is now located in the dwindling of business trend. In this paper, we clarify the background...

  3. 合併による新農協の経営合理化と組織力強化に関する研究 : JAきたみらいを事例に

    河田, 大輔
    本論文は、経営の合理化と組織力の強化を同時的に実現するための農協の組織再編の展開論理について、北海道の先駆的な大規模合併農協であるJAきたみらいを事例として明らかにした。  本研究では、組織力効果を「計画・調整の経済効果」と「参画の経済効果」としてとらえ、それを発揮するための組織力として「農協と組合員との結びつき」に注目し、旧農協時代の組合員と農協との結びつきが、新しい農協との結びつきへ変化する論理について明らかにした。組織力としては、組合員組織をその研究対象とするものがあるが、本研究では農協と組合員との接点である営農・経済事業の事業体制とそこで実際に組合員との接点となる職員に注目をして分析を行った。  新たな農協としての組織力形成の論理については、次のように整理をした。JAきたみらいは経営合理化の取り組みを進めるとともに、組織力強化として激変緩和の措置を取りながら、一定の時期をへて、営農指導体制における組合員ふれあい室の設置や購買事業のセンター化、さらに役員定数(選出基盤の統合)という、旧農協の組織力を払拭する取り組みを行った。支所の廃止という経営の合理化によって生まれた人的資源を営農指導力の高位平準化に振り向けた。出向く営農指導を核とした「新たな農協エリア(3グループ)」での事業を行うことで旧農協のエリア意識を払拭するということを行った。そのためにはより高度な営農指導事業を行う必要がある。ジェネラリストかつスペシャリストという営農指導事業の「高位平準化」を実現することで、あらたな農協への信頼・組織力の強化を図ってきた。それを基盤として「新たな組織力」を形成しながら、JAきたみらいとしての事業展開を行ってきたのである。  意識の変化をベースにしながら、可能なところから「新たな農協」としての事業体制を整備するという論理である。

  4. TerraSAR-Xデータを使用したランダムフォレストによる作付作物の分類

    山谷, 祐貴; 薗部, 礼; 谷, 宏; 王, 秀峰; 小林, 伸行; 望月, 貫一郎
    This paper presents crop classification using satellite data to establish a mapping method in place of the existing ground survey. We calculated four variables of sigma naught, and polarimetric parameters from TerraSAR-X HH-VV dual-polarization data, and assessed the accuracy of classification performed by machine learning algorithm “Random Forest”. The result showed about 90% of accuracy when we used five dates’ imagery and four variables, respectively. And accuracy assessment was done under the condition when the number of variables or scenes was reduced. The accuracy became worse when the number of variables was reduced, but it can be maintained when the...

  5. 養豚における生産者出資型インテグレーションの展開に関する研究 : 宮城県における家族養豚経営の動向を中心に

    申, 錬鐵
    The livestock of Japan, especially specific companies and groups are paying attention to integration which means they integrate meat food chains. The earlier integration was formed by big capital such as big companies, feed companies, but it has problems like a small income in an agriculture producion sector and a low position of an agriculture producer. After that, the diversification had been progress and a medium & small-sized party founded by livestock producer was main integration and made a move to go into the market. In this study, it calls "the producer investment integration" and Global Pig Farm (GPF) is...

  6. 北海道中山間地帯農業における土地利用部門の再構築に関する研究 : 先進野菜産地を事例として

    正木, 卓
    This paper explores meaning of a restructuring of land-extensive farming through a case study in Hokkaido. This study elucidates essential requirement for restructuring of land-extensive farming in hilly and mountainous areas. The analytical standpoints in this paper are securement of prospective main farmers, establishment of standardized land use, and support for land-extensive farming. The Case studies are conducted in Shiriuchi town, Shimokawa town and Assabu town. As a result of the analysis, prospective main farmers of land-extensive farming also grow vegetables, which is land-intensive crops, and expand their cultivated field. The standardized land use is established by the introduction of...

  7. 中国地方都市における野菜卸売市場流通の構造再編 : フフホト市を事例に

    趙, 麗明
    Structural changes of vegetable circulation has taken place in China. The trend that vegetables circulation mainly on the agricultural wholesale market basis is now developing to the mode of large scale and national wide area circulation. So, more and more vegetables are moving into the city through the wide area circulation channel. On the contrary,urban faubourgs's vegetable production and circulation is becoming more and more difficult. That is to say it is assumed that large-scale vegetable circulation are oppressing and hindering the urban faubourgs's small scale vegetable production and circulation. Although there are a lot of study on the analysis...

  8. 高位泥炭地における微地形形成の数値解析学的研究

    岡田, 操
    This study describes the development of a model for the microtopographic formation of peat bogs, which is named 'Carex Model'. Basically, this model has been built on the well-known fact that peat formation is the result of accumulation of dead plants without decomposition under excess water and low temperature conditions. Therefore, the scenario assumed in this model is that the primary production of wetland plants may control the amount of peat accumulation, and uneven peat accumulation will influence the microtopography. This study provides a solution to realize this process and represents the volume of peat formed. According to several researches...

  9. 紀要投稿に関する基準・奥付

  10. 大規模水田地帯における組織法人化と経営改善に関する研究

    小松, 知未
    The business environment of rice farming has deteriorated because of the continuous decline in rice prices since the late 1990s. In regions where agricultural land is actively bought and sold,large-scale farmers have a heavier debt burden than small-scale farmers. Towards finding a way out of these circumstances, farmers have started“incorporated cooperative farm management”. This paper aims at identifying the improvements in farm management that are brought by incorporated cooperative farm management. First,the historical background of such management is analyzed. In areas where large-scale rice farming predominates,smaller farmers have pursued organizational restructuring toward achieving incorporated cooperative farm management. Being heavily indebted,these farmers formed cooperatives for shared use of farm machinery and joint ownership of farmland. These efforts, however,failed to ameliorate their cash-flow problems. Second,a survey...

  11. 青果物流通変容下における 「内部規格」化の進展に関する研究

    橋本, 直史
    The objective of this study is to examine the introduction of“Internal Standards’”for crops and its effects on distribution under the transformation of fruit and vegetable distribution systems. “Internal standard”refers to the measurement of sugar content and acidity in crops using an Optical Sensor. In Japan,the use of Optical Sensors in addition to standards for shape and weight has been widespread mainly for fruit from the beginning of the 1990’s to the middle of 2000’s. The aim of Optical Sensors for the farmer is to get a better price and to secure stable customers such as large-scale retailers under intensification of competition. This study consists of six chapters. In the first chapter, the problems and background of...

  12. 表紙・目次

  13. 米の需要構造の変化と北海道産米の契約生産に関する実証的研究

    鎌田, 譲
    本論文では,外食・中食産業を中心に米を供給することで府県産米に対して品質差別化を図り,米市場におけるシェアを確保してきた北海 道を対象として,需要構造の変化と,この変化に対応した生産・販売の分析を行う。

  14. 農村景観の評価に関する実証分析 : 北海道の農村を事例に

    渡久地, 朝央

  15. 外国語能力と観光行動との関係 : 北海道大学の留学生における日本語会話能力を事例として

    師, 耀軒; 桟敷, 孝浩; 澤内, 大輔; 山本, 康貴
    本論文の課題は,外国人観光客における日本語能力の違いと観光行動が,どのように関連しているかを明らかにすることである。本分析結果は,外国人観光客に向けた情報発信の方法 など,日本における国際観光政策の新たな展開に資する基礎情報を与えるものと考えられる。

  16. 改良山成畑工による農地の造成と保全 (Ⅱ) : 農地造成過程における地盤の性質変化

    梅田, 安治; 長沢, 徹明; 水谷, 環

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