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Volume 73, Issue 5 (September, 1973)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Book Reviews

  3. Cercopithecus Aethiops Kidney Cells: Cytochemical and Morpholocial Characteristics of Cells Cultivated in Chemically Defined Medium Compared to Cultures Supplemented with Horse or Fetal-Calf Sera

    Hayes, Thomas G.; Evans, Virginia J.
    Author Institution: Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, The Ohio State University and Laboratory of Biology, Tissue Culture Division, National Cancer Institute

  4. Methods of Prairie Development Used at the Aullwood Audubon Center, Dayton, Ohio

    Moeller, Robert
    Author Institution: Aullwood Audubon Center, Dayton, Ohio

  5. Some Characteristics of an Oscillatoria-Dominated Metalimnetic Phytoplankton Community

    Wohler, J. Richard; Hartmann, Richard T.
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, Allegheny College, and Pymaluning Laboratory, Department of Biology, University of Pittsburgh

  6. A List of Grasses and Grasslike Plants of the Oak Openings, Lucas County, Ohio

    Easterly, Nathan William
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, Bowling Green State University

  7. Rare and Endangered Vetebrates of Ohio

    Smith, H. G.; Burnard, R. K.; Good, Eugene E.; Keener, J. M.
    Author Institution: U.S. Soil Conservation Service; Introductory Biology Program, The Ohio State University; School of Natural Resources, The Ohio State University; and Division of Wildlife, Ohio Department of Natural Resources

  8. Front Matter

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