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  1. To Denounce, or Not To Denounce : Survey Experiments on Diplomatic Quarrels

    Kohama, Shoko; Inamasu, Kazunori; Tago, Atsushi
    Despite widespread concern over heated diplomatic debates and growing interest in public diplomacy, it is still incompletely understood what type of message is more effective for gaining support from foreign public, or the international society, in situations where disputing countries compete in diplomatic campaigns. This study, through multiple survey experiments, uncovers the effect of being silent, issuing positive justification, and negative accusation, in interaction with the opponent's strategy. We demonstrate that negative verbal attacks work and undermine the target's popularity as they do in electoral campaigns. Unlike domestic electoral campaigns, however, negative diplomacy has little backlash and persuades people to...

  2. 生活保護における加算の意義の検討と運用についての考察

    渡辺, 真央人

  3. 市民社会と地域福祉 : 社会福祉と参加の制度史再考

    西村, 淳
    Recently in the diversification of entities and types of social welfare services and the transition of the basic structure of services from placement to contract, it is required to construct integrated community care system in which local residents participate in the community services. This paper explores the issue of community care normatively by focusing on the public responsibility under these changes. More specifically, the paper first, reviews the theories of the relationship between the state and civil society, second, demonstrates social welfare systems as a public responsibility of support for social participation, and third, surveys the Japanese history of social...

  4. 中国における市民的公共性の探究 : 「市民社会論」の時代的な変遷

    西本, 紫乃
    Whether civil publicity exists in China where there is a “strong nation - vulnerable society”, or not? This issue has been explored by tens of thousands of researchers since the beginning of the 20th century. The mainstream of researches in 1990s period was pursuit of the ideal whether a Western style democracy would be realized in China. Since 2000s, the mainstream has shifted toward grassroots NGOs as well as public space and communication there in the age from the end of Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China Era. In the recent “Civil Society Studies” of China, the perspective of...

  5. 地方公務員の給与決定過程における人事委員会及び公平委員会のあり方

    戸谷, 雅治
    This article is to consider the analysis of intelligence that relates to European peace movement and the Soviet's active measures that the U.S. intelligence community, and to prove reliability of the U.S. intelligence reports.

  6. 地方公務員の給与決定過程における人事委員会及び公平委員会のあり方

    戸谷, 雅治
    Japanese local public officials are denied fundamental labour rights. Personnel Commissions(PCs) and Equity Commissions(ECs) are compensatory measures for the denial. PCs’ recommendations play important roles to decide the remuneration of public officials. This paper sorts out some issues from a recent case. Then it explains public officials’ labour rights and the roles of PCs, ECs and the recommendation on public officials’ remuneration determination process. Finally it examines future of the process, PCs and ECs.

  7. 「地方創生」は北海道に何をもたらしたか : 道内自治体調査の結果とその分析を通して

    村上, 裕一; 小磯, 修二; 関口, 麻奈美
    This paper is one of the first and most comprehensive studies to investigate the meaning of the Abe II administration’s ‘Local Revitalization Policy’ and to review local governments’ reactions in Hokkaido. Based on our survey of all the local governments in Hokkaido during October and November 2016, this paper concludes that the policy has provided a chance for farsighted governments, especially for those experiencing a sharp decline in young people, to realise the emerging problems of a shrinking society and to work on a solution. However, the policy has also been so sudden and almost arbitrary that the local governments’...

  8. 欧州平和運動に関する米国のインテリジェンス分析 : 国務省、ACDA、CIA による評価を中心に

    瀬川, 高央
    During the 1980s, the peace movement and disarmament campaign were expanded in the Western and Eastern Europe. For example, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in the Britain a grass root peace movement had influenced on the nuclear policy of the Thatcher Administration, which it mobilized 250,000 people in the U.S. air force base at Greenham Common in 1982. Most of such movements also opposed deployment of the SS-20 ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads in Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union. However, a part of the peace movements also criticized only to nuclear deployment in Western Europe by the...

  9. 過疎地域における地域医療への住民参加の在り方 : 一関市国民健康保険藤沢病院を事例に

    内記, 恵和
    In underpopulated communities, the supply of health care has declined because of the shortage of medical resources. This paper mentions how citizens of underpopulated communities can participate in the health care provision as responsible individuals. The Fujisawa Municipal Hospital has worked on some measures of the citizen participation, such as “Night schools” which aim at communication between the hospital staff and the residents. According to the case of Fujisawa Hospital, we can find the citizens of an underpopulated community have an active approach to participate in the health care provision. They play a role in support for the hospital activity.

  10. 書評:「公共政策学の将来:理論と実践の架橋をめざして」

    赤坂, 憲一

  11. HOPS 2016 「地方議員向けサマースクール」及び「地方公務員向けサマースクール」の開催について

    池田, 淳

  12. 美唄市の救急医療体制の現状と課題 : 近隣自治体との比較

    諌山, 治彦
    For local governments, it is indispensable to keep up emergency medical systems. But, young staff are not willing to work in local regions. I feel not a few patients are transported into hospitals in other medical care zones. I think we should know what kinds of characteristics of emergency medical systems are hidden in a local municipality such as Bibai City. I try to make them clear, analyzing indices of ambulance transports of Bibai and its neighborhood municipalities in Sorachi Subprefecture by comparison. Furthermore, the circumstances of nationwide emergency medical systems are made into consideration.

  13. 活動報告

  14. 第5回北海道ダイアログ : 東アジアにおける市民社会対話

  15. 巻頭言

    西村, 淳

  16. 私立大学一般入試形態の戦後史 : 入試の多様化と少数科目入試の展開の軌跡

    佐々木, 隆生
    The entrance examination system in Japanese private university in the stage of elite higher education was based on 1) national curriculum that pursued completion of high general education at high school, 2) examinations imposing many subjects, and 3) low enrolment ratio with relative shortage of quota for students who accessed to universities. While the former two conditions were lost from the late-1970s to the beginning of 1990s, and the last condition was lost from 1992 on, the entrance examination system and the selection system for enrolment has deteriorated. This article gives a historical review of deteriorating process in the entrance...

  17. 札幌市における小児在宅医療施策の実態と課題

    髙波, 千代子
    However, a part of the peace movements also criticized only to nuclear deployment in Western Europe by the NATO countries. For instance, the World Peace Council (WPC) had insisted official support for Soviet's disarmament proposal and nuclear deterrence policy. Because they were directly controlled and/or sponsored by the International Department of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the KGB.

  18. 生活困窮者自立支援制度における支援員の実践課題 : 北海道における自立相談支援事業の実態調査から

    丸山, 正三
    The system to encourage the independence of the needy is intended to be a second safety net. The system broadly covers individuals who fell through the cracks in existing systems, and efforts by assistance coordinators are crucial to dealing with the complex problems faced by the needy. The current study examined the actual efforts of assistance coordinators in Hokkaido and it conducted a survey to ascertain issues related to the independence of the needy. This study discusses the need to improve the expertise of assistance coordinators, the need to develop local social welfare resources, and the need to create a...

  19. 韓国革新政権十年における福祉政治の変容

    池, 直美
    Newly industrialized economies (NIEs) such as South Korea experienced rapid economic growth in the 1970s and 80s through strong state controlled economic policies. This was coined as the East Asian model of economic development, however, many began to question this model after the Asian financial crisis in 1997. Ironically, this financial crisis became the catalyst to the birth of the progressive government under the late President Kim Dae-Jung in 1998, in which South Korea experienced extensive development in social welfare. This paper explores the relationship between the East Asian development model with the development of social welfare in South Korea...

  20. Evaluating Welfare Effects of Rice Import Quota in Japan : Based on Measuring Non-Tariff Barriers of SBS Rice Imports

    Gao, Qianhui; Ito, Shoichi; Ogundari, Kolawole; Saito, Hisamitsu
    The principal objective of this study is to analyze welfare effects of Japan's rice import quota focusing on the simultaneous buy and sell (SBS) of the rice importation minimum access (MA) policy. Based on the utility function specified in this study, the constructed model is adopted to measure consumption patterns through estimating elasticity of substitution between imported rice and Japan's domestic rice, and consumers' preference parameters for different kinds of rice. The results showed that Japanese households prefer domestic rice to the imported rice. Besides, three scenarios of adjusting rice quota volumes were carried out to examine the changes in...

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