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  1. 活動報告

  2. HOPS 2017 地方議員並びに地方公務員向けサマースクールの開催について

    池田, 淳

  3. 地域の「内発的発展」の条件 : 下川町は再び「発展」できるか

    坂本, 雄
    Shimokawa town is famous for its ‘spontaneous development’ in the 1990s by using its forestry resources. In contrast to previous studies which assert that Shimokawa promoted its development by itself, this paper focuses on interdependent history between the central government and Shimokawa government. Formerly, Shimokawa has been successful in their attempts to influence central government policies. As a result, the financial support Shimokawa received was generous, and guaranteed. However, the public-sector finance is facing serious, and local governments are in competition for financial support. This means Shimokawa should emphasize its original policy in way that goes well with nationwide policy.

  4. 東日本大震災以後の我が国の津波災害対策について : 推進計画の比較分析を中心に

    近藤, 絢一
    This paper is aimed at organizing and performing a comparative analysis of tsunami countermeasures taken by local governments in Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake, according to the classification of promotion plans stipulated in the Act on the Development of Areas Resilient to Tsunami Disasters, and making recommendations. In the affected areas, the promotion of tsunami measures has been integrated with reconstruction maintenance. Meanwhile, despite being under various restrictions, municipalities that have not experienced disasters are trying to protect human life and property from tsunamis by combining hardware and software measures.

  5. ニュージーランド事故補償制度(通称 ACC)と医療事故に関する一検討 : 治療行為による傷害(Treatment Injury)という概念が誕生するまでの ACC の沿革

    増田, 幹司
    In New Zealand historically there was an independent workers’ compensation scheme. But now there does not exist such an independent workers’ compensation scheme anymore. In New Zealand there does exist a comprehensive accident compensation scheme for personal injury (‘ACC’). This is a unique piece of legislation included as part of workers’ compensation. And now the term ‘treatment injury’ is included in the scheme. In this paper I will consider New Zealand ACC as it has developed over two eras – that is, the pre- ACC era and the ACC era. Through the ideas presented in this paper it will become...

  6. 会計年度任用職員制度の課題

    戸谷, 雅治
    In recent years, working-style reform is a big issue in Japan. In 2017, Japanese central government reformed the Local Public Service Law and the Local Autonomy Law to create the new temporary appointing system in local government. We can foresee there might be some problems after new system in operation. This paper explains the current status of temporary workers in local government. And it sorts out problems of the new temporary appointing system.

  7. 育児休業制度25年の到達点と課題を巡る試論

    井上, 従子
    In Japan, the childcare leave law was enforced in 1992. The law has made a considerable contribution to the continued employment of women after child birth. However, males’ childcare leave usage rates and irregular employment women's usage rates are low. The number of irregular employment women has been increasing, and there is a disparity from the regular employment women. Under these circumstances, continuing employment after childbirth is more important for irregular employment women, but there is a blank period of support for employment continuation. In the future, it is important to establish a connection between the childcare leave system and...

  8. 「地方創生」は地方に何をもたらしたか : 愛媛県・香川県内自治体調査の基礎集計と予備的考察

    村上, 裕一; 小磯, 修二; 関口, 麻奈美
    This paper follows our study on the impacts and meanings of the recent ‘Local Revitalization Policy’ in Shikoku. Although we present complementary evidence based on our survey conducted last year on the Ehime and Kagawa Prefectures of Shikoku that validates the findings of Murakami et al. (2017), we find that Shikoku and Hokkaido both emphasize, in their respective strategies, economic policy (industry revitalization, and job creation), and social policy (child-care support, and immigration and settlement support). However, Shikoku places more emphasis on the latter because of a precedent partnership and ‘division of labour’ with prefectures that have mainly committed to...

  9. 高齢者支援分野における国際協力のあり方について : タイ「要援護高齢者等のための介護サービス開発プロジェクト」を中心として

    榎本, 芳人
    This paper discusses Japan’s international cooperation in the area of support for the elderly persons, mainly focuses on “Project on Long-term care service development for the frail elderly and other vulnerable people” implemented in Thailand from 2013 to 2017. Firstly, it is predicted that the knowledge and experience of Japan in the area of support for the elderly persons will spread to various countries. Secondly, it is sometimes difficult to apply Japanese system to foreign countries without change. Therefore, Japanese system should be reviewed from the viewpoint of applying it to the situation of foreign countries.

  10. Where Migration Meets Gender in Northeast Asia : Marriage Migrants and Domestic and Care Workers in Japan and South Korea

    Chi, Naomi
    Rapid industralization, economic growth and urbanization have resulted in an influx of international migrants to East Asia since the 1980s. Since then, there has been a significant increase in the migration of women, which is an illustration of the global trend of feminization of migration. Consequently, the increase of migration (both legal and undocumented) in this region brought about new avenue for exploitation. The objective of the paper is to explore the gender dimension within the dynamics of international marriages and labour migrants in domestic and care work in Northeast Asia, including the factors such as the “agency” vs. “immobility”...

  11. 北海道の医療の現状と課題

    長瀬, 清

  12. 巻頭言

    榎本, 芳人

  13. 市民社会と地域福祉 : 社会福祉と参加の制度史再考

    西村, 淳
    Recently in the diversification of entities and types of social welfare services and the transition of the basic structure of services from placement to contract, it is required to construct integrated community care system in which local residents participate in the community services. This paper explores the issue of community care normatively by focusing on the public responsibility under these changes. More specifically, the paper first, reviews the theories of the relationship between the state and civil society, second, demonstrates social welfare systems as a public responsibility of support for social participation, and third, surveys the Japanese history of social...

  14. 中国における市民的公共性の探究 : 「市民社会論」の時代的な変遷

    西本, 紫乃
    Whether civil publicity exists in China where there is a “strong nation - vulnerable society”, or not? This issue has been explored by tens of thousands of researchers since the beginning of the 20th century. The mainstream of researches in 1990s period was pursuit of the ideal whether a Western style democracy would be realized in China. Since 2000s, the mainstream has shifted toward grassroots NGOs as well as public space and communication there in the age from the end of Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China Era. In the recent “Civil Society Studies” of China, the perspective of...

  15. 地方公務員の給与決定過程における人事委員会及び公平委員会のあり方

    戸谷, 雅治
    This article is to consider the analysis of intelligence that relates to European peace movement and the Soviet's active measures that the U.S. intelligence community, and to prove reliability of the U.S. intelligence reports.

  16. 地方公務員の給与決定過程における人事委員会及び公平委員会のあり方

    戸谷, 雅治
    Japanese local public officials are denied fundamental labour rights. Personnel Commissions(PCs) and Equity Commissions(ECs) are compensatory measures for the denial. PCs’ recommendations play important roles to decide the remuneration of public officials. This paper sorts out some issues from a recent case. Then it explains public officials’ labour rights and the roles of PCs, ECs and the recommendation on public officials’ remuneration determination process. Finally it examines future of the process, PCs and ECs.

  17. 「地方創生」は北海道に何をもたらしたか : 道内自治体調査の結果とその分析を通して

    村上, 裕一; 小磯, 修二; 関口, 麻奈美
    This paper is one of the first and most comprehensive studies to investigate the meaning of the Abe II administration’s ‘Local Revitalization Policy’ and to review local governments’ reactions in Hokkaido. Based on our survey of all the local governments in Hokkaido during October and November 2016, this paper concludes that the policy has provided a chance for farsighted governments, especially for those experiencing a sharp decline in young people, to realise the emerging problems of a shrinking society and to work on a solution. However, the policy has also been so sudden and almost arbitrary that the local governments’...

  18. 欧州平和運動に関する米国のインテリジェンス分析 : 国務省、ACDA、CIA による評価を中心に

    瀬川, 高央
    During the 1980s, the peace movement and disarmament campaign were expanded in the Western and Eastern Europe. For example, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in the Britain a grass root peace movement had influenced on the nuclear policy of the Thatcher Administration, which it mobilized 250,000 people in the U.S. air force base at Greenham Common in 1982. Most of such movements also opposed deployment of the SS-20 ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads in Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union. However, a part of the peace movements also criticized only to nuclear deployment in Western Europe by the...

  19. 過疎地域における地域医療への住民参加の在り方 : 一関市国民健康保険藤沢病院を事例に

    内記, 恵和
    In underpopulated communities, the supply of health care has declined because of the shortage of medical resources. This paper mentions how citizens of underpopulated communities can participate in the health care provision as responsible individuals. The Fujisawa Municipal Hospital has worked on some measures of the citizen participation, such as “Night schools” which aim at communication between the hospital staff and the residents. According to the case of Fujisawa Hospital, we can find the citizens of an underpopulated community have an active approach to participate in the health care provision. They play a role in support for the hospital activity.

  20. 書評:「公共政策学の将来:理論と実践の架橋をめざして」

    赤坂, 憲一

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