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  1. Communicating stereotype-relevant information : How readily can people individuate?

    Yeung, Victoria Wai Lan; Kashima, Yoshihisa
    It is often suggested that people automatically form impression of target by using stereotypes. However, people can flexibly deploy different types of individuating processes, depending on the communicative context. We showed that people can individuate targets from their social category by communicating stereotype-inconsistent information (person-group individuation) when they are required to reproduce information about the targets; people can individuate targets from other individuals by communicating information that is distinctive about the targets (person-person individuation) when required to identify the targets. Participants' performance is unrelated to information memorability (Experiment 1), and not affected by time pressure (Experiment 2). Humans' adaptive capacity...
    - 21-oct-2017

  2. Interdependence modulates the brain response to word-voice incongruity

    Ishii, Keiko; Kobayashi, Yuki; Kitayama, Shinobu
    Social orientation (interdependence as opposed to independence) has been suggested as a major cultural dimension. In the present work, we used a specific stimulus-locked component of electroencephalogram and found, for the first time, that the perceiver's social orientation modulates the brain response to incongruity of word meaning to attendant vocal tone. Participants judged the verbal meaning of emotionally spoken emotional words while ignoring the vocal tone. As predicted, there was a greater negative event-related potential between 450 and 900 milliseconds after the stimulus onset when the verbal content was incongruous with the background vocal tone, relative to when the two...
    - 21-oct-2017

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