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  1. On the Andrianov type identity for power series attached to Jacobi forms and its application

    Katsurada,Hidenori; Kawamura,Hisa-aki

  2. The Euler characteristic of a generic wave front in a 3-manifold

    Izumiya,S.; Marar,W.L.
    We give a relation between Euler characteristics of a generic closed Legendrian surface and its wavefront.

  3. Periodic solutions of elliptic-parabolic variational inequalities with time-dependent constraints

    Kubo,Masahiro; Yamazaki,Noriaki
    We study periodic solutions of quasilinear elliptic-parabolic variational inequalities with time-dependent constraints. Assuming that the constraint changes periodically in time, we prove existence of periodic solutions. Moreover, applications of the general results are given.

  4. Dynamical Yang-Baxter Maps

    In this work, we propose and investigate dynamical Yang-Baxter maps, some of which produce solutions to the (quantum) dynamical Yang-Baxter equation. Suppose that L is a loop and a group. If their unit elements coincide, then L gives birth to a bijective dynamical Yang-Baxter map from L x L to L x L whose dynamical parameter belongs to L. The above group L is abelian if and only if the corresponding dynamical Yang-Baxter map satisfies the unitary condition.

  5. Quasilinear parabolic variational inequalities with time-dependent constraints

    Kubo,Masahiro; Yamazaki,Noriaki
    We study variational inequalities with time-dependent constraints for quasilinear parabolic PDE of divergence form. Introducing a general condition on the constrains, we prove existence, uniqueness and order property of solution. Some applications are given.

  6. Elliptic-parabolic variational inequalities with time-dependent constraints

    Kubo,Masahiro; Yamazaki,Noriaki
    We study variational inequalities for elliptic-parabolic eqnations with time-dependent constraints. Introducing a general condition for the time-dependence of convex sets defining the constraints, we establish theorems concerning existence, uniqueness as well as order property of solution. Some applications of the general results are given.

  7. Periodic total variation flow of non-divergence type in R^n

    Giga,Mi-Ho; Giga,Yoshikazu; Pozar,Norbert
    We introduce a new notion of viscosity solutions for a class of very singular nonlinear parabolic problems of non-divergence form in a periodic domain of arbitrary dimension, whose di usion on flat parts with zero slope is so strong that it becomes a nonlocal quantity. The problems include the classical total variation flow and a motion of a surface by a crystalline mean curvature. We establish a comparison principle, the stability under approximation by regularized parabolic problems, and an existence theorem for general continuous initial data.

  8. Explicit formulas for the twisted Koecher-Maaβ series of the Duke-Imamoglu-Ikeda lift and their applications

    We give an explicit formula for the twisted Koecher-Maa? series of the Duke-Imamoglu-Ikeda lift. As an application we prove a certain algebraicity result for the values of twisted Rankin-Selberg series at integers of half-integral weight modular forms.

  9. Resonant interaction of Rossby waves in two-dimensional flow on a β plane

    Yamada,Michio; Yoneda,Tsuyoshi
    An incompressible two-dimensional flow on a β plane is considered. The β plane is a tangent plane of a sphere to approximately describe fluid motion on a rotating sphere assuming that the Coriolis parameter is a linear function of the latitude. Rossby waves are expected to dominate the β plane dynamics, and here in this paper, a mathematical support for the crucial role of the resonant pairs of the Rossby waves is given.



  11. What does the partial autocorrelation function look like for large lags

    We prove a representation of the partial autocorrelation function α(・) of a stationary process { Xn : n ∈ Z}, in terms of the AR(∞) and MA(∞) coefficients. We apply it to show what α(n) looks like for large n, especially, when {Xn} is a long-memory process. For example, if {Xn} is a fractional ARIMA(p. d. q) process, then we have a(n)~d/n as n → ∞.

  12. Residues of holomorphic vector fields on singular varieties

    Lehmann,D; Suwa,T

  13. An analogy of the theorem of Hector and Duminy

    The author chose not to have the body of the paper published at this time.

  14. A qualitative theory of similarity pseudogroups and an analogy of Sacksteder's theorem




  16. On a dynamic boundary condition for singular degenerate parabolic equations in a half space

    Giga, Yoshikazu; Hamamuki, Nao
    We consider the initial value problem for a fully-nonlinear degenerate parabolic equation with a dynamic boundary condition in a half space. Our setting includes geometric equations with singularity such as the level-set mean curvature flow equation. We establish a comparison principle for a viscosity sub- and supersolution. We also prove existence of solutions and Lipschitz regularity of the unique solution. Moreover, relation to other types of boundary conditions is investigated by studying the asymptotic behavior of the solution with respect to a coefficient of the dynamic boundary condition.

  17. Large time behavior of derivatives of the vorticity for the two dimensional Navier-Stokes flow

    This paper studies the large time asymptotic behavior of derivatives of the vorticity solving the two-dimensional vorticity equations equivalent to the Navier-Stokes equations. It is well-known by now that the vorticity behaves asymptotically as the Oseen vortex provided that the initial vorticity is integrable. This paper shows that each derivative of the vorticity also behave asymptotically as that of the Oseen vortex. For the proof new spatial decay estimates for derivatives are established. These estimates control behavior at the space infinity. The convergence result follows from a rescaling and compactness argument.

  18. The Navier-Stokes equations for linearly growing velocity with nondecaying initial disturbance

    Sawada,Okihiro; Usui,Toshiomi
    The locally-in-time solvability of the Cauchy problem of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations is established with nitial velocity U0 of the form U0(x) := u0(x) - Mx, where M is a real-valued matrix and u0 is a bounded function. It is also hown that in 2-dimensional case the Navier-Stokes equations admit unique globally-in-time smooth solution, due to the uniform bound for vorticity. Although the semigroup is not analytic, our mild solution satisfies the Navier-Stokes equations in the classical sense, provided the pressure term is suitably chosen. The form of the pressure is uniquely determined, provided the disturbance of velocity is bounded...


    Ibrahim,Slim; Yoneda,Tsuyoshi
    Existence of local-in-time unique solution and loss of smoothness of full Magnet-Hydro-Dynamics system (MHD) is considered for periodic initial data. The result is proven using Fujita-Kato's method in l^1 based (for the Fourier coeffcients) functional spaces enabling us to easily estimate nonlinear terms in the system as well as solutions to Maxwells's equations. A loss of smoothness result is shown for the velocity and magnetic field. It comes from the damped-wave operator which does not have any smoothing effect.

  20. Framed surfaces in the Euclidean space

    Fukunaga,Tomonori; Takahashi,Masatomo
    A framed surface is a smooth surface in the Euclidean space with a moving frame. The framed surfaces may have singularities. We treat smooth surfaces with singular points, that is, singular surfaces more directly. By using the moving frame, the basic invariants and curvatures of the framed surface are introduced. Then we show that the existence and uniqueness for the basic invariants of the framed surfaces. We give properties of framed surfaces and typical examples. Moreover, we construct framed surfaces as one-parameter families of Legendre curves along framed curves. We give a criteria for singularities of framed surfaces by using...

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