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  1. 目次(英語)・奥付

  2. 表紙・編集委員・目次(日本語)

  3. 明瞭なフェーズがない地震の新しい震源決定法:十勝岳火山体の地殻深部低周波地震への応用

    阿形, 葉; 蓬田, 清; 勝俣, 啓
    Hypocenters are generally determined by a method which focuses on onsets of P and/or S waves. As the number, density and quality of seismic stations are recently enhanced, tremors with small amplitude and large duration without any clear onsets of P and/or S waves have been discovered. Epicenters of these events cannot be therefore determined precisely by conventional methods of epicenter determination. New approaches for epicenter determination are required without picking up onsets of P and/or S waves. In this study, we introduce a new method called Relative Maximum Algorithm(RMA ).This is a hybrid method of the Source-Scanning Algorithm (SSA...

  4. 金星雲高度および風速の同時推定

    武, 直樹; 渡部, 重十
    Venus has numerous cloud features caused by unknown UV absorber in ultraviolet light. Horizontal wind velocities have been derived by tracking those features in order to examine the atmospheric circulation such as superrotation. However, the generation mechanism is not well understood yet, because the altitude of the winds is ambiguous. Ignatiev et al. (2009) performed radiative transfer calculations and showed that the cloud top altitudes in 1.51μm wavelength are 74±1km in low and middle latitudes and 63-67km in polar region, respectively. They investigated also the correlation between the cloud top altitude in UV wavelength and that in infrared, and found...

  5. 屈斜路カルデラ周辺におけるMT 法による比抵抗探査

    本多, 亮; 山谷, 祐介; 市原, 寛; 長谷, 英彰; 茂木, 透; 山下, 晴之; 大山, 倫敦; 上嶋, 誠; 中川, 光弘
    Two noticeable caldera lakes exist around Teshikaga region, Eastern Hokkaido, Northern Japan. One is the Lake Masyu, and the other is the Lake Kutcharo, upon the largest caldera in Japan. The calderas locate on the Akan-Shiretoko volcanic line, and the region is still active. We can see many geothermal and fumarolic phenomena around. Recently, the chronology of the volcanic activity in this region is well surveyed by geologists, and the clarification of the eruption mechanism is now discussed from the disaster prevention point of view. Also, there is an interesting fact that the Teshikaga region seems to locate just at...

  6. 北海道東部弟子屈地域の重力異常

    本多, 亮; 市原, 寛; 神山, 裕幸; 茂木, 透; 中川, 光弘
    We have been measuring gravity data over the Kutcharo area, Eastern Hokkaido (Doto Region). The main purpose of our data collection can be divided into two. The first is the earthquake fault, which runs through the rim of lake Kutcharo. Teshikaga region had been the only region which experienced large (MJMA > 6) inland earthquake, until the 2004 Rumoi-nanbu earthquake occurred. The second is the largest volcanic caldera in Japan, the Kutcharo caldera. In this paper, we made detailed Bouguer anomaly map over the Teshikaga region. The gravity anomaly map was improved by newly obtained data and the lake water...

  7. 十勝岳における自然電位繰り返し測定

    宮村, 淳一; 岡崎, 紀俊; 伏谷, 祐二; 重野, 伸昭; 橋本, 武志
    We have performed repeat surveys of self-potential (SP) in Tokachidake Volcano since 1995, in which some elevated volcanic activity followed the appearance of fumaroles at 62-0 Crater. Since thermal anomalies had always preceded to the eruptions at Tokachidake in the last 100 years, we expected some temporal and spatial variations of SP anomalies accompanying the thermal activity beneath active craters. Topography-related SP distribution was seen on the northwestern flank in the surveys of 1995, 2008 and 2010. This characteristic feature with a gradient of -0.3 mV/m was independent of the survey year and thus thought to be generated from stable...

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