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  1. 携帯情報端末の技術とサービスに係る用語について : 高等学校の教科「情報」において指導すべき用語として

    高田, 和典
    The central topic of this paper is to show a list of the terms related to the technology and services of cell-phone and PDA which senior high school students should learn in the subject "Information Study." The terms related to the technology and services of cell-phone and PDA were chosen from textbooks and books for teaching aid. Terms from the books for teaching aid were cross-checked with terms from the textbooks. Common terms were left off from the list of teaching aid's terms, and a list of selected terms was made. Frequency of the terms in newspapers and a white...

  2. Behavior Contracts in English Language Classrooms in a Japanese University

    Perry, Christian D.
    This study examined whether behavior contracts in foreign language classes at a Japanese university reduced disruptive behavior (tardiness, absence, failure to bring textbook, cellular phone usage, and sleeping in class). There were two hypotheses: 1) behavior contract would reduce problem behavior, and 2) male students would exhibit disruptive behaviors more than female students. The results revealed that behavioral contracts were not consistently more effective than providing the rules to students. Overall, there was no significant difference between male and female students. Providing rules in written form, carefully tracking infractions, and applying penalties may have been the factors that affected behavior.

  3. B2Bマーケティングにおける企業ウェブサイト利用に関する予備的考察 : B2B企業勤務者調査を中心に

    北見, 幸一
    This paper aims to discuss the optimal nature of corporate websites for B2B (Business to Business) marketing. One of the purposes of this study is to suggest further opportunities for research from an internet survey of people working in B2B companies. This study shows that B2B corporate websites are to be valued not only at the awareness stage, but also at the exploration stage. Moreover, it is necessary for B2B corporate websites to have not only detailed information on products and services, but also information on management strategies (information on corporate strategy, IR, CSR etc.). It is suggests that a...

  4. 多文化教育の意義についての再考察

    パイチャゼ, スヴェトラナ
    In this paper I will analyze the results of research made on multicultural pedagogy and will try to establish a new theoretical understanding of the subject. So far, multicultural pedagogy has been discussed in terms of cultural or national pluralism or in terms of pedagogical methods for implementing education. However, there is another important part to multicultural pedagogy: culture. In this article, using the studies of the Russian thinkers Bakhtin, Vygotsky and Lotman, I will reflect on the place that culture has in multicultural education.

  5. States of Desire in Carol Ann Duffy's Early Love Poetry

    Twiddy, Iain
    In Carol Ann Duffy's first four collections, desire is rarely a beneficent force. For Duffy, selfhood and self-awareness involve a sense of original exile, so the self is fundamentally directed towards completion by the other. Although full communion is impossible, that contact is required to repel the anguished vulnerability experienced in its absence. For Duffy's speakers, rather than effecting the state where the self reaches fulfilment and full expression, desire is disempowering and actively productive of alienation. Her speakers describe fear of engulfment and the evanescence of rapture, as well as how desire can gain value from self-abnegation, or the...

  6. 会話を構成する情報の探索と二種類の調整 : 協応関係と赴きの調整

    名塩, 征史
    In conversation, it is indispensable to understand what we are currently doing. However, such cognitive understandings which are left their own do not enable us to practice interactive communication. The reason comes from the fact that the sequence of actions continues based on a 'perception-action' mechanism. And by using it, we can search and pick up the information available to adjust the following actions. This paper considers a way to treat cognitive understanding as the essence of interactive communication. The author assumes that there is a process through which an orientation, called "omomuki", is derived from understandings of preceding events...

  7. 目標達成見込みの高低と動機づけの関連 : ウクライナにおける日本語専攻大学生の動機づけ調査

    大西, 由美
    This study aims to reveal the relationship between motivations and expectations of learning achievement among Japanese language students at Ukrainian universities by a questionnaire survey. It is known that motivations have significant effects on the extent of achievement of L2 learning outcomes. Learners of Japanese language in Ukraine set notably high goals (to obtain a scholarship to go and study in Japan, for example) at the beginning of their studies, but many of them are unable to maintain the original motivations until their graduation. Goals set too high can decrease learners' expectations of achievement, and can result in demotivating them...

  8. ボランティアツーリズム研究の動向および今後の課題

    依田, 真美
    Volunteer tourism has experienced rapid growth since the mid-1990s, mainly in North America, Europe, and Oceania. Academic research on volunteer tourism began in the early 2000s, and has gradually increased since then. Given the resulting accumulation of research, this paper tries to analyze the trends and features of volunteer tourism research, and proposes a future research agenda. In order to do so, the author examined peer-reviewed research papers in major journals, as well as academic books on volunteer tourism. The analysis identified four key features of volunteer tourism, with the common theme being strong interest in the potential of volunteer...

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