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Volume 75, Issue 1 (January, 1975)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. A List of Reviewers of Papers Appearing in the Ohio Journal of Science During 1974

  3. New Occurrence and Host for Tachinaephagus Zealandicus Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

    Downing, William
    Author Institution: 173 Ireland Avenue, Cincinnati Ohio 45218

  4. Effects of Temperature and Light on Aerial Breathing of the Longnose Gar, Lepisosteus Osseus

    Saksena, Vishnu P.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, University of Oklahoma

  5. The Aluminum Concentration in Human Postmortem Lung Tissue from Smokers and Nonsmokers as Determined by Neutron Activation Analysis

    Anthony, Robert Edward; Keller, Roger
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, University of Akron

  6. Observations on the Adult Alewife's Food Habits (Pisces: Clupeidae: Alosa Pseudoharengus) in Indiana's Waters of Lake Michigan in 1970

    Rhodes, Raymond J.; McComish, Thomas S.
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, Ball State University

  7. A Comparison of Benthic Oligochaete Populations in Acid and Neutral Lentic Environments in Southeastern Ohio

    Orciari, Robert D.; Hummon, William D.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology and Microbiology, Ohio University

  8. An Application of Functional Analysis to Partial Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics

    Mazumdar, Tapas
    Author Institution: Department of Mathematics, Wright State University

  9. The Foliose and Fruticose Lichen Flora Around the Muskingum River Power Plant, Morgan County, Ohio

    Showman, Ray E.
    Author Institution: Environmental Engineering Division, American Electric Power Service Corporation

  10. Ash Content of Macrophytes from Chautauqua Lake

    Nicholson, Stuart A.; Post, Linda W.
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, State University College

  11. Observations on the Animal Life of Some Zambian Hot Springs

    Sheppe, Walter
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, University of Akron

  12. A New Species of Idiocerus from Panama (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)

    Freytag, Paul H.
    Author Institution: Department of Entomology, University of Kentucky

  13. The Biology and Immature Stages of Zygogramma Suturalis (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

    Piper, Gary L.
    Author Institution: Department of Biological Sciences, Kent State University

  14. The Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of the Holden Arboretum, Lake and Geauga Counties, Ohio

    Perry, T. Edward
    Author Institution: Memorial School, Mentor, Ohio

  15. Distribution, Abundance, and Age Structure of a Population of the Burrowing Mayfly, Hexagenia Limbata, in an Ohio Pond

    Rutter, Robert P.; Wissing, Thomas E.
    RUTTER, ROBERT P., AND THOMAS E. WISSING, Distribution, Abundance and Age Structure of a Population of the Burrowing Mayfly, Hexagenia limbata, in an Ohio Pond. Ohio J. Sci. 75(1): 7, 1975.

  16. An Analysis of the Changes in the Prevalence of Camallanus Oxycephalus (Nematoda: Camallanidae) in Western Lake Erie

    Stromberg, Paul C.; Crites, John L.
    Author Institution: Center for Lake Erie Area Research and The Department of Zoology, Ohio State University

  17. Front Matter

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