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Volume 75, Issue 6 (November, 1975)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Index to Volume 75 - 1975

  3. New Publications Received

  4. A Human Factor in Strip Mining: Trade-Offs Between Attitudes and Opinions Toward the Industry in Ohio

    Ray, John R.
    Author Institution: Department of Geography, Wright State University

  5. Small Mammal Populations, Vegetational Cover, and Hunting Use of an Ohio Strip-Mined Area

    De Capita, Michael E.; Bookhout, Theodore A.
    Author Institution: Ohio Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, The Ohio State University

  6. Reclamation of Surface-Mined Land

    Plass, William T.
    Author Institution: USDA Forest Service, NE Forest Experiment Station, Forest Products Marketing Laboratory

  7. Mycorrhizae and Establishment of Trees on Strip-Mined Land

    Marx, Donald H.
    Author Institution: USDA Forest Service, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, Forestry Sciences Laboratory

  8. Microbiological Problems in Strip Mine Areas: Relationship to the Metabolism of Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans

    Lundgren, Donald G.
    Author Institution: Biology Department, Syracuse University

  9. Bacterial Ecology of Strip Mine Areas and Its Relationship to the Production of Acidic Mine Drainage

    Dugan, Patrick R.
    Author Institution: Department of Microbiology, The Ohio State University

  10. Biological Implications of Strip Mining Introduction to the Symposium

    Rudolph, Emanuel D.
    Author Institution: Department of Botany, The Ohio State University

  11. Front Matter

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