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HUSCAP (Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers) contains peer-reviewed journal articles, proceedings, educational resources and any kind of scholarly works of Hokkaido University.


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  1. 公共的意思決定における価値 : ロールズと環境問題

    長島, 美織
    The central topic in this paper is an issue of intergenerational equality: what results for future generations from various sorts of environmental destruction caused by the current generation. Reinforcing and refining Rawls' program of reducing morally undeserved inequalities, I distinguish, besides well-known social/economic goods, two basic goods, both which serve as conditions for transforming social/economic goods into real freedom one could exercise; innate goods and resource goods for basic living. I will then take up three cases of major environmental decay and make explicit in what way they would lead to the loss of these three goods. By demonstrating the...
    - 21-oct-2017

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