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  1. Noodling : Notes on the Writer Kageyama Tamio and Translation of his Short Story "Rakugo Toshi Soba"

    Jaques, Thomas
    Word play and playfulness with language in general are salient themes in the novels and stories by the Japanese author and television talent Kageyama Tamio (b. 1947 d. 1998). The short story translated here as "Noodling" is no exception, in that word play is woven into the very texture of the narrative. An attempt has been made to render all elements of the original text as faithfully as possible in terms of both meaning and sense. One of the secondary meanings of the word noodling -- to improvise on a musical instrument in a frolicsome, lighthearted fashion -- is used...

  2. 客観的可能性という概念とその若干の応用について(その2)

    クリース, ヨハネス・フォン; 山田, 吉二郎(訳); 江口, 豊(訳)
    In the part published here of his treatise "On the Concept of Objective Possibility and Some of its Applications" (1888), von Kries discusses the "Concept of Danger (Gefahr)," which was one of the most essential issues of the controversy between the "old" and "new" schools of German legal philosophers in the second half of the 19th century. They argued whether pre-criminal "social dangerousness" is enough to be regarded as the committed crime or not. Von Kries defines "danger" as "objective possibility of a certain harmful result." According to him, judgments of "objective possibility" presuppose "nomological" knowledge, that is, "certain empirical...

  3. Aynu itak : on the road to Ainu language revitalization

    Martin, Kylie
    In the last 30 years, the indigenous Ainu in Japan have begun to reclaim and revitalize their ancestral culture and language. In 1983, the first Ainu language school was established by Shigeru Kayano in Nibutani, Hokkaido, and today there are a number of Ainu language and culture classes held throughout Hokkaido and other regions of Japan. There appears to be a strong desire to learn the language in Ainu communities, although the number of students in Ainu language classes still remains low. An ecological perspective on indigenous language revitalization as outlined by Mühlhäusler (1996, 2000, 2003) and Mufwene (2002, 2004)...

  4. 組織化と連合

    金山, 準
    Après la Révolution de 1848, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865) aborde le thème <> qui caractérise bien la dernière phase de sa pensée. Son idée du fédéralisme a pour objet de remplacer un Etat-nation basée sur la souveraineté absolue et offrir une association des <> qui concluent un contrat mutuel afin de se défendre. Sa pensée fédéraliste est essentiellement caractérisée en trois idées. Premièrement elle n'est pas seulement un arrangement au niveau institutionnel mais aussi un principe philosophique qui désigne ce qui doit être un ordre tout entier (fédéralisme <>). Deuxièmement son but est de favoriser l'équilibre entre liberté et autorité....

  5. 地域統合論批判 : アフリカにおける社会と国民国家からの視点

    鍋島, 孝子
    For the regional integration, European Union has been a good and ideal model. But considering the different social economic actors from African ones, we are aware that European process is not the universal model that is applicable to other regions. According to the integration theory, the economic activities bring a political integration. It is a "spill over" effect from "low" politics to "high" politics. This article is aimed at verifying African social actors who haven't participated in regional integration as the integration theory supposes. European integration is based on civil society where actors, rational citizens, who understand capitalism and Nation-State,...

  6. Organised Diversity Management in Europe and the Case of South Tyrol

    Stuflesser, Werner
    本稿は、北海道大学大学院メディア・コミュニケーション研究院(大学院国際広報メディア・観光学院)公共伝達論分野(講座)の求めに応じ、2010年6月26日(札幌)および7月2日(東京)に開催された同大学院主催の公開シンポジウム「超国家的枠組、標準化、ネットワーク化 : ヨーロッパ、日本、アフリカの組織的多様性マネージメント Supranational Frameworks, Standardisation, Networking : Organised Diversity Management in Europe, Japan, and Africa」において筆者が行った招待基調講演「ヨーロッパの組織的多様性管理とイタリア南チロルの事例 Organised Diversity Management in Europe and the Case of South Tyrol」をまとめたものである。近年ヨーロッパとアジアがこの分野でも互いに関心を高めつつあることを念頭に置き、ヨーロッパにおける組織的多様性管理としてのマイノリティ保護について、マイノリティ自治の成功例といわれるイタリア南チロルの事例を取り上げたほか、マイノリティ保護と多様性管理の関係性、欧州連合(EU)、欧州安全保障・協力機構(OSCE)、欧州評議会(CoE)などによるマイノリティ保護のメカニズムについても考察した。また結論では、現状において認められる問題点を指摘した。さらに上記の内容に即しながら、主催者側の要望にもとづき、筆者が代表を務めるEURAC(ボルツァーノ欧州アカデミー the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano)の研究教育活動についても紹介した。

  7. 超国家的枠組、標準化、ネットワーク化 : ヨーロッパ、日本、アフリカの組織的多様性マネージメント

    橋本, 聡
    特集 = Special Feature

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