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  1. The Study on Mycorrhizal Status of Current-Year Acer mono Seedlings

    Yoshida, Marina; Tamai, Yutaka; Miyamoto, Toshizumi; Yajima, Takashi
    We investigated mycorrhizal status of current-year Acer mono seedlings at different regenerated sites. The arbuscular mycorrhizae (AM) formation degree, spore density, available phosphorus (AP) and total nitrogen (TN) contents of samples were tested. Our results indicated that current-year A. mono seedlings may not be obligatory mycorrhizal species since AM colonization was not found in some of the seedlings in the bare sites. The spore density in the soils can play an important role in AM formation since it has significantly positive correlations with the frequency of vesicles and hyphae. AP and TN contents in the soil also have close relationships...
    - 21-oct-2017

  2. Correlation of Photosynthesis and Water Regime of Pinus sylvestris L. Under Extreme Environmental Conditions of Pre-Baikal Area

    Kopytova, Lidia D.; Oskolkov, Vladimir A.
    The paper discusses variations in the photosynthesis and water regime for Pinus sylvestris L. under extreme conditions of the forest-steppe zone of the Irkutsk Region. The daily cycle of Pinus sylvestris L. is characterized by variations in net-photosynthesis, which reaches a maximum in the early hours, with a simultaneous decrease of gas-exchange intensity and transpiration. This is evidence of the substantial role the stomata plays in the regulation of these processes. The air temperature (r = -0.65±0.05, n = 12) is the principal negative factor for carbon dioxide gas exchange. The intensity of transpiration is determined by the level of...
    - 21-oct-2017

  3. Isoenzyme Diversity and Differentiation of Marsh Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Populations in The Western Siberia

    Larionova, Albina Ya.; Ekart, Alexander K.
    Genetic diversity and differentiation of Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) populations situated on eutrophic, mesotrophic, oligotrophic swamps and on dry land in south-taiga subzone of Western Siberia lowland (Tomsk region) were studied on the basis of allozyme variation analysis at 20 loci. The vegetative buds collected from 240 trees in eight populations were used as material for study. Horizontal starch gel electrophoresis was applied to separation the isoenzymes of eleven enzyme systems. As a result of the study it was established that P. sylvestris populations studied are characterized sufficiently high level of genetic diversity. As a whole 75% of gene...
    - 21-oct-2017

  4. Autumn Long-distance Movements of Male Japanese Sika deer Cervus nippon yesoensis in Western Hokkaido, Japan

    Agetsuma, Naoki; Agetsuma-Yanagihara, Yoshimi; Takafumi, Hino
    We examined the ranging behaviors of three male Japanese sika deer Cervus nippon yesoensis in western Hokkaido (42°N, 141°E), Japan, from 2003 to 2009. All three deer exhibited similar patterns of long-distance movements in the autumn. They left residence areas between 17 September and 16 October during the rutting season. Their direction of movement appeared to be eastward, and total movement distances ranged from 7 to 26 km. The males tended to return to their residence areas between 10 November and 27 January.
    - 21-oct-2017

  5. Vegetation and Colonization Status of Mycorrhizal and Endophytic Fungi in Plant Species on Acidic Barren at Crater Basin of Volcano Esan in Hokkaido, Japan

    Fukuchi, Souta; Obase, Keisuke; Tamai, Yutaka; Yajima, Takashi; Miyamoto, Toshizumi
    We investigated the colonization status of mycorrhizal and endophytic fungi in roots of plants established on an acidic barren at volcano Esan, Hokkaido, Japan. In total, 87 individuals of 21 plant taxa were investigated in four different vegetation sites and the surrounding area. Ericaceous plants such as Empetrum nigrum var. japonicum, Ledum palustre var. diversipilosum, Vaccinium vitis-idaea var. minus and Loiseleuria procumbens were the main colonizers at the study sites and dominated under even the most severe conditions of low soil moisture and nutrient content. They were associated with ericoid mycorrhizal (ERM) fungi at all vegetation sites and erratically with...
    - 21-oct-2017

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