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Volume 76, Issue 4 (July, 1976)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Necrology

  3. Brief Note Transmission Experiments with Babesia Microti (Gray Strain) Using Dermacentor Andersoni Stiles as a Vector

    Genga, U. Edward; Kreier, Julius P.
    Author Institution: Department of Microbiology, The Ohio State University

  4. Sample Unit Selection for Studies of Herbaceous Oldfield Vegetation

    Squiers, Edwin R.; Wistendahl, Warren A.
    The size and number of sampling units needed to sample herbaceous oldfield vegetation must be determined for each situation. Prior to obtaining data for a long-term study of early oldfield plant succession at the Waterloo Mills Field Research Station, Pa. statistical tests and theoretical considerations were evaluated. Of the five sizes of circular quadrats tested, the 0.03125 m2 size was determined to be suitable to obtain detailed data efficiently and yet sample within the estimated smallest scale of heterogeneity. A sample of 100 quadrats, the minimum number needed to compare frequencies, was determined to be adequate (within 10%) from calculations...

  5. Distribution Patterns of Diatoms in Cedar Run

    Hufford, Terry L.; Collins, Gary B.
    Author Institution: Department of Botany, The Ohio State University

  6. Hartmannella Culbertsoni as Revealed in Scanning Electron Microscopy

    Allen, Delmas J.; DiDio, Liberato John A.
    Author Institution: Department of Anatomy, Medical College of Ohio

  7. A Study of Predation Rates of Leeches on Tubificid Worms Under Laboratory Conditions

    Cross, William Howard
    Author Institution: Cleveland State University

  8. An Isolated Human Skeleton from Southern Ohio

    Lallo, John W.; Blank, John E.
    Author Institution: Department of Anthropology, Cleveland State University

  9. The Ohio Journal of Science Officers, Committees, and Academy Representatives for 1976-77

  10. Construction of Dike Disposal Sites in Lake Erie

    Bernhagen, R. J.
    Author Institution: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water

  11. Announcements and Important Dates to Remember

  12. Front Matter

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