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  1. Two Kageyama Tamio Translations

    Jaques, Thomas M.
    "Missing Marilyn" (Maririn-ni aitai) is a story of deception and delights, in which the protagonist dodges accusations of infidelity with a foreign floozy while concurrently having to suggest "the unthinkable" to his spouse. But another unthinkable outcome reveals itself in an O. Henry twist ending. "The South Seas" (Nanyo hoteru) opens as a travel tale, but quickly evolves into a horror story laden with satire and cultural criticism. Both stories are included in the collection Tokyo Nights (Tokyo naitokurabu. Tokyo: Kadokawa, 1992) by Kageyama Tamio (b. 1947 d. 1998). Kageyama's language is fresh, playful, and colloquial, which charges the translator...

  2. 「北海道の草の根文化概観」展示

    堀田, 真紀子; 加藤, 康子
    This is the extract of the exhibition held during the Conference "The Age of the Grass-roots Culture". The aim of the exhibition was to concretize the arguments about the Grass-roots Culture in these local examples, cultural expressions which are deeply rooted in the situation of a time and place. Particularly its potentiality to inspire confidence and shape the identity of socially and economically deprived people is taken into consideration.

  3. Entrepreneurship And Venture Growth : Revisiting The Sharp Model

    Parakramage, Milton Rajaratne Ethugal
    The venture growth problem is a common topic of entrepreneurship research. Findings and recommendations of such research are mostly stereotype. This drawback encouraged us to research for an approach that can systematically examine the root cause of the venture growth problem. Though there is no preset formula for gaining venture growth, perpetual innovation presumably brings about venture growth. The perpetual innovation, on the other hand, is a function of competency endowment of the venture. The objective of this study is to discover and elaborate formation, relevance, and role of the venture competencies that support perpetual innovation and hence growth. In...

  4. 草の根文化とは何か? その2

    堀田, 真紀子
    In this part of the paper I explore my concept of the Grass-roots Culture further, particularly cultural expressions which are deeply rooted in the situation of a time and place. To clarify my idea, I contrast it with prevailing phenomena which are contrary or destructive to the Grass-roots Culture, such as spectacles and museumization. Whereas these trends cause fragmentalization of culture, the Grass-roots culture reconstructs the public sphere in terms of culture, history and tradition, empowering the community. The contribution of grass-roots culture to identity politics also becomes important subject of the argument.

  5. 草の根文化とは何か? その1

    堀田, 真紀子
    The aim of this paper is to clarify my concept of the Grass-roots Culture, cultural expressions which are deeply rooted in the situation of a time and place. Artists of the Grass-roots Culture notice the sights, sounds and experiences of everyday life and use them as source materials. They find value in what we overlook, in what is too ordinary and too close at hand for us to pay attention to. The power of arts to cultivate new meanings and change the perception of surroundings is mobilized through the Grass-roots Culture for the enrichment of everyday life. Under this concept,...

  6. 巻頭言

    堀田, 真紀子
    特集: 地域発・草の根文化の時代 = Introduction to Times of Grassroots Cultures

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