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???????????????????(Northern Environmental Research Symposium : Hokkaido-Finland Days: A Bridge for Northern Cooperation)

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  1. Environment in the North: Challenges for multidisciplinary research and education

    Laine, Kari
    Introduction Address

  2. Influence of clear-cutting on the chemistry of runoffs in a mixed forest watershed under heavy snowfall, Hokkaido, Japan

    Satoh, Fuyuki
    The global environmental change caused by human activity is supposed to alter the life and the situation of those living in northern region drastically. A couple of subjects are lying to protect our surroundings in the North, the thinning of sea ice due to global warming, the land use change through the development of tourism, the destruction of forest caused by acid deposition and/or commercial logging operation. Hokkaido and Finland have several similarities about natural conditions (cold and snowy climate, abundant boreal forest, the presence of sea ice, deer and reindeer etc.), though Hokkaido locates relatively lower latitude compared with...


  4. Northern Environmental Research Symposium : Agenda & Abstracts

  5. Northern research and innovation platform : Promoting cooperation between Finland and Japan

    Iskanius, Päivi
    Concluding Session: Challenges for Cooperation

  6. International Collaborative Study on Ecology and Evolution in Plant-Insect Interactions

    Utsumi, Shunsuke
    Collaborative research in science has been conducted for over 300 years, which international collaboration having grown in importance throughout the past century. International collaboration offers some important opportunities and advantages in ecological research. This is because ecosystems have complexity, variety, and ubiquity across boarder, and the insights of a variety of disciplinary experts are required to understand these ecosystems. In particular, today, our societies face global problems, including biodiversity loss, climate changes, and biological invasion, in which multidisciplinary, international approaches are needed. In my talk I will introduce two topics of our collaborative studies on ecology and evolution in plant-insect...

  7. Elevational and latitudinal variation in species richness of sawfly gallers and willows in Japan

    Roininen, Heikki; Ohgushi, Takayuki; Zinovjev, Alexei; Virtanen, Risto; Vikberg, Veli; Matsushita, Kotaro; Nakamura, Masahiro; Veteli, Timo
    Species richness of willow species and galling sawflies living on them were examined in latitudinal and altitudinal gradients in six Japanese river systems from Hokkaido to southern Honshu. Mortality factors of gallers including plant based mortality, parasitoids and inquilines during larval development were studied by dissecting sampled galls under a microscope. The association between environmental factors, mortality factors and local diversity of galling sawflies and their willow hosts were studied. Species richness of sawfly gallers and their host plants decreased towards the south. Species richness of gallers was lower in the delta area at lower altitudes than at higher altitudes....

  8. Simulated warming effects on plant-insect interactions in a cold temperate region

    Nakamura, Masahiro
    Temperature increases of global warming are predicted to be greater at higher latitudes and impact virtually all chemical and biological processes. Ecosystem responses to global warming will be complex and varied in time and space due to direct and indirect effects of them. Field ecological manipulations of global warming are conducted to determine response of whole terrestrial ecosystems to an environmental variable in a manner that mimics climate change. Recently, ecologists from around the world have begun filed manipulations of global warming. Most studies have focused on effects of experimental warming on soil respiration, net N mineralization, and aboveground productivity...

  9. Arctic climate and sea ice history : perspectives from the central Arctic Ocean sediment record

    Strand, Kari
    Session 1: Ice and Climate Change

  10. Cooperation between the Nordic countries and Japan in advanced ice sheet and glacier modeling

    Greve, Ralf; Zwinger, Thomas
    An ice sheet is a grounded ice body with an area greater than 50,000 km2. The only current ice sheets on Earth are in Antarctica and Greenland, while during the maximum of the last glacial period about 21,000 years ago the Laurentide ice sheet covered much of Canada and North America, the Fennoscandian ice sheet covered northern Europe and the Patagonian ice sheet covered southern South America. Smaller grounded ice bodies, depending on their size, are termed ice caps or glaciers, their number exceed 100,000, and they exist on all continents. Ice sheets, ice caps and glaciers feature gravity-driven free...

  11. Floating ice platform for winter observations in freezing lakes and coastal waters

    Shirasawa, Kunio; Leppäranta, Matti
    An automatic observation float has been designed, tested and utilized for wintertime investigations in lakes and coastal waters. The float can be deployed in a lake during the open water season, so that it is capable to collect data continuously throughout the period of freeze-up and further on during the ice season. The float is anchored to the bottom so that it should be stable in the freeze-up period. The instrumentation includes a 2-m mast for measurements of the atmospheric boundary layer and radiation balance, thermistor strings and PAR sensors down from the water surface for measurements in ice and...

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