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  1. 活動報告

  2. 地方議員向けサマースクールの開催について

    寺田, 文彦

  3. 経済停滞と小さな政府に関する政策論考

    中山, 厚
    After the collapse of the 'bubble' economy, the economy of our country fell into remarkable low-growth, and its domestic demand was dull and it had vulnerable economic structure depending on foreign demand. Since postponement of the fiscal burden was continued, people increased storage from uneasiness in the future, and held down consumption. As a result, JAPAN is stuck in deflation and also it has caused the huge national-government-debts balance. We should advance healthier public finances and realize economic growth which utilized abundant private savings by the official support of the social security field. For that purpose, we should free ourselves...

  4. The Role of Social Support and Social Services for Refugee Mental Health, Mala Gorica Refugee Center, Croatia

    Otake, Yuko; Sawada, Mai
    Objective: To explore the social support or services which are important for refugee mental health. Method: The cross-sectional research was conducted on 50 refugees in the Mala Gorica Refugee Center, Croatia. Mental health (the GHQ), social support (the Lubben Social Network Scale), social services, and desire for immigration were inquired about. Results: Refugees with strong anxiety and depression felt more disadvantaged in medical services and desired more to live in the center permanently. Highly depressed refugees had more traumatic experiences. Discussion: It is desirable for refugees to contine living in the center, provided they have good access to medical services.

  5. Energy Crisis as Global Problem

    Nakamura, Kenichi
    Energy demand and supply in recent years can be summarized by the following ten statements. 1. Regarding the developed countries, which have consumed much oil, the US consumes one-fourth of the world's oil and tends to increase its consumption, while Europe has leveled off and Japan's consumption is trending toward decline. 2. China, India, and other emerging nations have smaller per capita consumption than the US, Europe, and Japan, but their oil demand is skyrocketing. This and the emerging nations' oil demand will elevate oil prices. 3. Coal is the main energy source in emerging nations. Their main energy source...

  6. 皆年金実現の政治過程 : 台湾の国民年金制度の導入

    林, 成蔚
    This paper traces the process of how a developmental state like Taiwan came to realize the universal pension system. Democratization and unique institutional legacies, ethnic cleavage coincided with differences in old-age income securities in the existent public pension programs had profound impacts on the manner public pension programs expanded. Introducing a national pension program that covers, not every citizen, but mostly housewives, students, and foreign-born spouses was the result of having to make sure that the program was financially sustainable and still covers nearly half of those over the age of 65 from the onset. During the planning process, many...

  7. これからの地域福祉における市町村及び民間福祉団体の連携・協力の在り方について

    西山, 裕
    In recent years, the community welfare policy have promoted in Japan. The municipality, such as cities towns and villages, came to bear the important role of the center of the social-welfare-services in the area. But they have many problems, for example, the financial status is severe and the specialist of welfare are few etc. On the other hand, a new welfare business is developed by new bearers, such as non-profit organization(NPO), in the area. The municipal government should evaluate the specialty in the welfare field of NPO, and should support so that the activity of NPO may become easy.

  8. 日本型高大接続の転換点 : 「高大接続テスト(仮称)」の協議・研究をめぐって

    佐々木, 隆生
    Japanese articulation of higher education with high school education has depended upon entrance examinations of each university. It is very particular compared with other industrialized countries. As younger population has been decreasing since 1992, selective powers of universities to applicants have declined. Japanese system of the articulation has faced a turning point, and must introduce a new test to evaluate level of general education in high school.

  9. 契約解除事例からみた病院PFI事業の課題

    佐野, 修久
    In Japan, five hospital PFI projects have already started, but these two projects has been canceled PFI contract. The factors in these canceled cases is that, the management plan for hospital project was incomplete, understanding to PFI was not enough, public sector and private sector partnership was insufficient, it wasn't the framework to have effective function for PFI project.

  10. 行政改革の現在位置 : その進化と課題

    岡本, 全勝
    This paper examines characteristics of Japanese administrative reforms since the 1990s. These reforms can be classified into three main subgroups. They include downsizing, redefinition of government role, and strengthening internal control. The recent emergence of the latter two types demonstrates that the goal of Japanese administrative reform has expanded to include changes to the function of the government. This enlarged scope of reforms reflects changes to the structure of Japanese society since the completion of "catch up" with advanced economies.

  11. パネルディスカッション

    安田, 喜憲; 黒田, 大三郎; 大島, 直行; 五十嵐, 智嘉子; 深見, 正仁
    シンポジウム: 北方の文化と環境再生、生物多様性. パネリスト: 安田喜憲、黒田大三郎、大島直行、五十嵐智嘉子. 司会: 深見正仁

  12. 生物多様性の保全をめぐる国際的動向と日本の取組

    黒田, 大三郎
    シンポジウム: 北方の文化と環境再生、生物多様性. 基調講演

  13. 北方圏の環境と文明

    安田, 喜憲
    シンポジウム: 北方の文化と環境再生、生物多様性. 基調講演

  14. シンポジウム: 北方の文化と環境再生、生物多様性 : 北海道の環境政策

  15. 巻頭言

    宮脇, 淳

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