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?2? (Biodiversity and Biogeography of the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin volume 1.)

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  1. New Evidence for Expansion of the Jomon Culture and the Ainu into the Kuril lslands: from IKIP 2000 Anthropological Research in the Kuril lslands

    Tezuka, Kaoru; Fitzhugh, Ben
    This article presents the results of our 2000 IKIP fieldwork and focuses on applying Japanese archaeological knowledge to the consideration of Kuril prehistory. The characteristics of the distribution of both Epi-Jomon and Okhotsk cultures based on ceramics excavated on Matua Island, Kama River site on Urup Island, and the Peschanaya Bay Site on Chirpoi Island in terms of culture history are described (Table 1). It was noteworthy for us to find terminal Jomon and Epi-Jomon cord-marked ceramics in the stratigraphy that extend the geographic distribution of this culture farther northeast in the Kuril Islands than had previously been known. The...

  2. A new species of the genus Kisaura (Trichoptera: Philopotamidae) from the east Palaearctic

    Kuhara, Naotoshi; Arefina, Tatyana I.
    The male and female of a new philopotamid species, Kisaura dichotoma, is described from the islands of Kunashir, Hokkaidô, Honshû, Shikoku and Kyûshû in the east Palaearctic.

  3. Caddisflies (Trichoptera) of the Kuril Archipelago

    Minakawa, Noboru; Arefina, Tatyana I.; Ito, Tomiko; Nozaki, Takao; Kuhara, Naotoshi; Nishimoto, Hiroyuki; Uenishi, Makoto; Teslenko, Valentina A.; Bennett, Daniel J.; Gara, Robert I.; Kurowski, Kemper L.; Oberg, Pontus B. H.; Ritchie, Todd I.; Weis, Lucie J.
    We report the complete data of the caddisfly specimens collected during the seven annual expeditions of the International Kuril Island Project, and provide a list of caddisfly species known from the Kuril Islands. Caddisflies were collected from 21 out of 30 major islands, and collected from 14 islands for the first time. A total of 19 families, 45 genera and 98 species were collected during the expeditions, including 28 new species distribution records for the archipelago. These records bring the present total numbers to 20 families, 50 genera and 123 species. Glossosoma inops is placed in the junior subjective synonym...

  4. Scirtid Beetles (Insecta, Coleoptera, Scirtidae) from Sakhalin and the Kuril lslands

    Yoshitomi, Hiroyuki; Nikitsky, Nikolai
    A total of fifteen species of the family Scirtidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) are recorded from Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. Of these, four species, Elodes inornata, Elodes wilsoni, Sacodes minuta, and Cyphon kongsbergensis, are newly recorded from the Kuril Islands.

  5. Lathrobium japonicum and its new relatives (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) from the Kuril Islands

    Watanabe, Yasuaki
    The brachypterous members of the staphylinid genus Lathrobium from the Kuril Islands are dealt with. Lathrobium japonicum Bernhauer is redescribed and its male genital organ is illustrated for the first time. Two new subspecies of Lathrobium japonicum are described under the names L. (s. str.)japonicum kunashirense and L. (s. str.)japonicum konoi. Two new species of this species-group are described under the names L. (s. str.) minakawai and L. (s.str.) oharai.

  6. The Chemophylogenetic Taxonomy of the Genus Aconitum (Ranunculaceae) in Hokkaido and its neighboring territories

    Ichinohe, Yoshiyuki; Take, Masa-aki; Okada, Terutada; Yamasu, Hiroshi; Anetai, Masaki; Ishii, Takahiro
    The accuracy of the species and its varieties ranking was indicated by the analysis of geohistory (g) on physical (P) and chemical (c) characters. In the genus Aconitum distributed in Hokkaido and its neighboring territories, the A. sachalinense F. Schmidt group showed all the physical variations [var. (P)]. A. yesoense Nakai is the subspecies [var. (P-c)] of the above A. sachalinense based on physical and chemical considerations. A. macroyesoense Nakai was revealed as a natural mutant [var. (c)] of A. yesoense based on chemical consideration. A. itoseiyanum Miyabe et Tatew. is an independent species [var. (p-c-g)] of A. sachalinense from...

  7. Chromosome Numbers of Selected Vascular Plant Species from Sakhalin, Moneron and the Kurile Islands

    Probatova, Nina S.; Barkalov, Vyacheslav Yu.; Rudyka, Elvira G.
    Chromosome numbers for 33 vascular plant species of 29 genera and 16 families, from Sakhalin, Moneron and the Kurile Islands, are given. The chromosome numbers were reported here for the first time for following 11 taxa: Acelidanthus anticleoides, Artemisia unalaskensis, Carex microtricha, Gaultheria miqueliana, Hypericum yezoense, Macropodium pterospermum, Pinguicula macroceras, Poa sugawarae, Rumex regelii, Taraxacum vestitum, Tephroseris kawakamii. In addition, for 12 species new cytotypes were revealed. At present, in Sakhalin, Moneron and the Kurile Islands chromosome numbers have been counted for 505 species, it means for about 18% of the total number of vascular plants in the Kuriles, and...

  8. Distribution patterns of gymnosperms in Sakhalin and a comparison with those in the Kurils: newly proposed S-K index

    Takahashi, Hideki
    Distribution patterns of nine species of gymnosperms native to Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands are analyzed quantitatively based on the examination of main Japanese herbaria. Pinus pumila and Larix gmelinii represent the most abundant species of gymnosperms in the regions. The Sakhalin-Kurils index (S-K index) was newly proposed for the comparison of the abundance of the species between Sakhalin and the Kurils. All S-K indices of gymnosperms show positive numbers reflecting more predominant coniferous forests found in Sakhalin than in the Kurils. For most species of gymnosperms; especially subarctic species, such as Abies sachalinensis, Larix gmelinii, Picea jezoensis and Juniperus...

  9. Preface

    Takahashi, Hideki; Ohara, Masahiro
    Biodiversity and Biogeography of the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin vol.1

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