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Volume 78, Issue 3 (May, 1978)

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  3. Brief Note New Records of Ohio Shore Flies (Diptera: Ephydridae)

    Deonier, D. L.; Regensburg, J. T.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, Miami University

  4. Brief Note The Inability of a Trypanorhynchid Cestode to Utilize CO2 Produced During Urea Catabolism

    Pappas, Peter W.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, Ohio State University

  5. Brief Note Three New Hosts for the Cysticercoid of Hymenolepis Diminuta

    Heicher, David S.; Gallati, Walter W.
    Author Institution: Biology Department, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  6. Fishes of Paddy's Run Creek and the Dry Fork of the Whitewater River, Southwestern Ohio

    Bauer, Bruce H.; Branson, Branley A.; Colwell, Strant T.
    Author Institution: Department of Biological Sciences, Eastern Kentucky University

  7. Comparison of Planning Activities in Smaller Cities in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio

    Warren, William D.
    Author Institution: Department of Geography, Wright State University

  8. Early History of the Department of Chemisty of the Ohio State University

    Caley, Earle R.
    Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University

  9. Oxidative Metabolism of Healing Avian Bone Fractures: Effects of Estrogen and Hypergravity

    Negulesco, John A.; Lessler, Milton A.; Decker, Mary Ann
    Author Institution: Department of Physiology, Ohio State University

  10. The Incidence and Variation of Atrial Veins in the Heart of Dogs

    Cole, Marie C.; DiDio, Liberato John A.; Yeasting, R. A.
    Author Institution: Department of Anatomy, Medical College of Ohio at Toledo

  11. Pleistocene Mollusca of the Sunbeam Prairie Lacustrine Deposit, Darke Co., Ohio

    Camp, Mark J.; Ginder, Anne L.
    Author Institution: Department of Geology, University of Toledo; U.S. Geological Survey

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