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  1. 科学技術コミュニケーションにおける公平性 : 「GMどうみん議会」の経験から

    平川, 全機

  2. コンセンサス会議の問題点の再考と討論型世論調査の活用の可能性

    三浦, 太郎; 三上, 直之

  3. 公衆の基礎科学への「興味」と「期待」 : 8分野比較

    一方井, 祐子; 中村, 史一; 麻生, 尚文; 神谷, 隆之; 近藤, 菜穂; 久保田, 好美; 徳田, 周子; 豊田, 丈典; 古川, 遼; 宮田, 舞; 渡邉, 俊一; 横山, 広美
    This study focuses on the difference of public interest and expectation for eight scientific fields. The investigated fields included astronomy, planetary science, particle physics, mathematics, solid state physics, paleontology, seismology, and molecular biology. For analyzing the interest and expectation for the eight science fields, a survey was administered to 780 people over 20 years old. Expectation was rated high in the fields in which research contents are easy to understand and the research findings are believed to be linked to daily life. On the other hand, fields considered to be abstract and not related with daily life were rated lower...

  4. デンマーク技術委員会(DBT)の「廃止」とその背景

    三上, 直之

  5. 筑波大学における「院生プレゼンバトル」の事例報告 : 学園祭における科学コミュニケーション

    石田, 尚; 善甫, 啓一; 上道, 茜; 松原, 悠; 埴生, 孝慈; 尾澤, 岬; 天野, 千恵; 榎田, 翼; 佐藤, 翔; 西浦, ミナ子; 赤瀬, 直子; 三波, 千穂美; 逸村, 裕; 山田, 信博
    In the last decade, scientists are expected to present their researches. It is symbolized as the term: "science communications" and "inter-discipline communications." We suggest and explain "Presentation Competition of Graduate Students" (PCGS). In October 2011, we, Tsukuba Graduate students' Network, conducted PCGS during a university festival and proved its effects. As results, various multi-discipline communications have been promoted among University of Tsukuba. In our university, there are few cases of the collaborated researches which leverage the opportunities that the university has almost every discipline. In this paper, we suggest PCGS as a solution of the problems and demonstrate the details...

  6. 研究者や科学技術コミュニケーター自らが科学映像コンテンツを制作できるワークフローの開発

    早岡, 英介
    The argument how researchers and science communicators apply the visual media in science communication is still poor. Therefore, in this paper, I consider from the background that the visual media became able to utilize and arrange it about the role of the visual media in science communication. Based on it, I suggest the video production workflow, and evaluate it after having carried out. Anyone can make audio-visual contents for science communication in only one day without special knowledge and machines. Not only, they can express about their study clearly, but also they can acquire power of expression and the originality,...

  7. 自閉症研究と社会にまつわる多様な市民間の対話の試み

    東島, 仁; 中川, 智絵; 山内, 保典; 三浦, 優生; 高橋, 可江; 中村, 征樹
    The advancement of science and technology has brought not only positive but also negative influences. As a result, people are finding it important to examine the potential consequences of science and technology and their effects on society. In this paper, we describe a public dialogue to examine the relationship between autism (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and society, with detailed methodology for conducting it. Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder; approximately one in 100 people have autism. The study of autism is one of the most active fields of research. The approximately 30 participants in the dialogue included various citizens, for example,...

  8. 不確実性をめぐる科学者間コミュニケーションと制度知 : 遺伝子組換え食品の安全性評価を例に

    畠山, 華子; 立川, 雅司
    Purpose of the paper is to elucidate various factors which lead to settlement of arguments among scientists in the context of regulatory science (safety assessment) using a case of a transgenic crop showing drought tolerance. The transgenic crop was regarded as a new type of GMO and posing scientific uncertainty. Novel assessment techniques (Omics) were proposed to use to assess the safety of the crop. While seemed promising at first, after discussing various aspects of the method, the GM Food Safety committee finally decided not to adopt the technique at that time. Minutes of the meeting of the Committee and...

  9. 双方向コミュニケーションでは誰が誰に話すのか? : サイエンスカフェにおける科学者のコミュニケーションスキルのビデオ分析

    高梨, 克也; 加納, 圭; 水町, 衣里; 元木, 環
    Though the importance of bidirectionality in science communication becomes recognized gradually, it is still difficult to understand what the "bidirectionality" means accurately. This article conducts a micro-analysis of scientists' behaviors using video data recorded in a science café with reference to a concept of "participation status," which is one of the most important analytic tools for multiparty interaction, and consider a nature of "bidirectional" communication in the situation of science communication.

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