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  1. マナマコ種苗の放流初期における発見率低下要因

    植草, 亮人; 吉田, 奈未; 柏尾, 翔; 戸梶, 裕樹; 浅見, 愛; 中原, 功太郎; 五嶋, 聖治
    Low discovery rates are common at initial stages of sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus juveniles release, and possible causes, such as drifting away by waves, predation, burying by mud, and emigration have been suggested. In order to clarify causes of the low discovery rate, the body length and juvenile occurrence were examined by releasing juveniles into artificial reefs. We compared discovery rates among four releasing treatments; using oyster shells as attachment devices, covering whole artificial reefs with different net mesh size as 2 mm and 4 mm, and control groups which were directly released into artificial reefs. The discovery rate decreased quickly during the...
    - 21-oct-2017

  2. 函館市近郊に生息するニホンザリガニにおける繁殖形質の個体群間比較

    阿部, 峻太; 田代, 慧; 竹下, 文雄; 和田, 哲
    Cambaroides japonicusis a freshwater crayfish endemic to Japan that occurs in northern Tohoku and Hokkaido. Its populations are known to be decreasing in site, but there have been few studies describing its lifehistory, especially in southern Hokkaido. In the present study, life history characters of C. japonicus in southern Hokkaido are described and compared among local populations. Contrasting differences were found in body size of males, females and youngsat sites named A, B, and Ca-Cd. Males were larger at sites Ca, Cb, and Cd than at sites A and B, and females were larger at sites Ca and Cb than at sites A, but...
    - 21-oct-2017

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