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  1. The Effects of Water and Soil Types on the Seed Germination and Seedling Survival of Populus euphratica in Arid Region in China

    Hao, Peng; Zhang, Nan; Liu, Qian-wen; Li, Jing-wen
    Both of water and soil are the most essential factors for the establishment and growth of plants. This study firstly investigated the sexual reproduction of two stages of Populus euphratica, seed germination and seedling growth. We focused on the various screening effects of nine combinations (three moisture gradients × three normal soil types) on seed and seedling of Populus euphratica. With the water content rising (from 10% to 20%), seeds and seedlings on all the soil substrates showed higher germination rate, germination speed or germination index and survival rate and better growth conditions, respectively. Besides, higher moisture could guarantee seeds...

  2. Larval Morphology and Feeding Behavior in Notodontidae (Lepidoptera) in Relation to Leaf Toughness of Host Plants

    Yoshida, Kunikichi; Murakami, Masashi
    The relationship between larval body size traits of herbivores and the leaf toughness of their host plant species was evaluated by examining the data from 30 notodontid (Notodontidae) species and 10 host plant species. For last instar larvae, higher allocations to the head parts and the mandibles relative to their body sizes were observed, when the larvae feed on tougher host plants leaves. On the other hand, none of relationships of relative allocation to body parts in relation to the leaf toughness of their hosts was observed for first instar larvae. These results showed that the last instar larvae feeding...

  3. Understanding High Altitude Reforestation in Mt. Apo, Philippines

    Anticamara, Jonathan A.; Pasion, Bonifacio O.; Gonzales, Regielene S.; Duya, Mariano Roy M.; Ong, Perry S.
    Comparing the difference in forest community structure between a reforested area and a nearby old growth forest is one way to evaluate the ability of a disturbed forest to recover. Here, we show how a high altitude reforested area in Mt. Apo, Philippines is recovering relative to a nearby old growth forest. The species richness of understory vegetation in the old growth forest did not differ significantly from the 11 year-old reforested area, suggesting fast recovery in this aspect. However, the tree assemblage and sizes (i.e., Diameter at Breast Height) in the old growth forest had significantly higher tree diversity...

  4. Functional Consequences of Differences in Canopy Phenology for the Carbon Budgets of Two Cool-Temperate Forest Types : Simulations Using the NCAR/LSM Model and Validation Using Tower Flux and Biometric Data

    Saitoh, Taku M.; Nagai, Shin; Yoshino, Jun; Muraoka, Hiroyuki; Saigusa, Nobuko; Tamagawa, Ichiro
    We quantified the sensitivity of estimated carbon budgets in Japanese evergreen coniferous and deciduous broad-leaved forests using NCAR/LSM simulations under two climatic conditions: the relatively warm end of the cool-temperate zone (i.e., 800 m a.s.l., annual average temperature of 9.4℃, annual average precipitation of 1700 mm), and the relatively cold end of this zone (i.e., 1420 m a.s.l., 7.2℃, and 2400 mm). To improve the model's performance for both forests, we modified parameters such as biomass and plant area index (PAI) based on measured values and calibrated the model using field-measured tower flux and biometric data at two AsiaFlux sites...

  5. Forest Fires Effects on Carbon Stocks and Soil Chemistry in Central Yakutia, Eastern Siberia

    Lopez, C. M. Larry; Hatano, Ryusuke; Guggenberger, Georg; Ohta, Takeshi; Gerasimov, Eremei; Fedorov, Alexander N.
    This study was conducted to determine the impact of fire on the physical and chemical characteristics of soil as well as on the distribution of soil organic and black carbon stocks in ice-rich permafrost regions in eastern Siberia. Three intact and four burnt forest sites with different ignition years were selected. Volumetric water content did not increase in any of the burnt forests in the top soil layer but moisture accumulated at the bottom of the active layer of older burnt sites. Salt content increased in the active layer following forest fires, but a decade later, the salt increase disappeared,...

  6. Critical Loads of Lead and Cadmium for Different Type of Forest and Aquatic Ecosystems at the Petrohan LTER Site, Bulgaria

    Ignatova, Nadka; Fikova, Radka; Damyanova, Sonya; Bratanova-Doncheva, Svetla
    The current study was designed to determine the critical loads of lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) for two types of vegetation (broadleaves and coniferous) and freshwaters (stream water and reservoir), in order to evaluate the effect of Cd and Pb deposition on investigated ecosystems by comparative simultaneous study at a mountainous LTER site in Bulgaria. Bulk precipitation and throughfall chemistry were monitored during the period 2005-2010 at two forest stands (Fagus sylvatica and Picea abies). Monitoring of water, sediment and bulk precipitation chemistry at two water bodies (stream and reservoir) were carried out too. The removal of Pb and Cd...

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