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  1. 北海道における科学技術観光の振興と広報戦略の提案

    北村, 倫夫; 石田, 宰; 渡辺, 謙仁; 李, 在栄
    This study was aimed at proposing a strategy for promoting Science and Technology Tourism (STT) in Hokkaido, and was based on the case study for about thirty examples in Japan and foreign countries. By definition, STT is "the tourism aiming at learning about science and technology by seeing, hearing and experiencing." Although STT has been recognized as an important domain of tourism in foreign countries, it has not been right in Japan. However, as people's concern about science and technology is increasing in recent years, STT is playing a more important role in Japan and also in Hokkaido. The conditions...

  2. 職業人生のモチベーション : 源泉、長期波動、自己調整に関する考察

    齊藤, 義明
    A man's work motivation derives internally from desire, cognitive value, and emotions, and is put through dynamic interaction with the external environment. To fully understand a man's work motivation, we must take into account not only short-term task-based work motivation, but also long-term work motivation which deals with one's work life as a whole. Long-term work motivation experiences repetitive fluctuation, influenced by work characteristics, role expectancy, and social environment, but it is within this fluctuation that one goes on an intermittent yet life-long search and pursuit for one's self identity in one's work. Hence, strategies for the formation and adjustment...

  3. 越境する〈ホームアニメ〉 : 東アジアにおける『ちびまる子ちゃん』の家族像

    玄, 武岩; 張, 慶在; 金, 春玉; 丁, 暁婷; 李, 亜妤; 王, 瑩珞
    The aim of this paper is to examine the 'ideal image of family' of Japan, Korea and China through analyzing Japanese animation Chibi Maruko-chan. Recently, various genres of Japanese animations are popular worldwide. Especially, so called Home Anime which describes everyday life in Japan is widely accepted in East Asia. Although their stories are based on Japanese settings, which are often unfamiliar to the foreign audience, Home Animes such as Sazae-san, Crayon Shin-chan and Chibi Maruko-chan enjoy great popularity in Asia, especially in China and South Korea. The paper clarifies the reason behind the popularity of this kind of animations,...

  4. 東アジア諸国は東日本震災報道をどのように受容したか? : 韓・台・中リスク構造の比較実証研究

    伊藤, 直哉
    Studies of risk perception in this paper help the judgments people make when they are asked to operate communications of PR and advertisement after the Japanese disaster. This paper also provides a basis for understanding and anticipating public responses to disaster, and improving the risk communication, how people think about and respond to risk. This work tries to describe and investigate media access, media evaluation and trust, structure of impression and risk perception by general consumers in three countries Korea, Taiwan and China after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 11 March 2001. The risk structures of this paper suggest...

  5. 中小中堅企業における経営意思決定行動と広報コミュニケーション行動 : 北海道観光産業の東日本大震災への対応

    宮部, 潤一郎
    This paper focuses on information sources of management decision making in critical environment. Facing sudden and drastic market contraction caused by the East Japan Great Earthquake on March 11, 2011, small and medium sized enterprises in tourism industry of Hokkaido were forced to decide crash program to alleviate the impact of the market contraction, and to foresee the level of business activity in order to measure the impact. Based on our survey, which was conducted one month after the East Japan Great Earthquake, some respondents failed to do so. We investigated these two types of management activities in relation with...

  6. 巻頭言

    宮部, 潤一郎; 渡邉, 浩平
    特集: 東アジアとメディアの新たな可能性―東日本大震災をめぐって― = Featured Topic: East Asia and New Possibilities of Media -Concerning East Japan Great Earthquake -

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