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Volume 80, Issue 4 (July, 1980)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Necrology

  3. Amendment to the Constitution of the Ohio Academy of Science

  4. Pesticide Levels, Egg and Eggshell Parameters of Great Horned Owls

    Springer, Mark Andrew
    Author Institution: Wright State University, Department of Biology, School of Medicine

  5. Gene Linkages in Phage Group 3 Staphylococcus Aureus Determined by DNA-Mediated Transformation

    Martin, Scott M.; Shoham, Steven C.; Alsup, Margaret; Rogolsky, Marvin
    Author Institution: Department of Biology and School of Medicine, University of Missouri at Kansas City

  6. Combination Therapy of Viral Leukemia: Statolon, Radiation and Transplantation

    Kuhnert, Paul M.; Erhard, Penny; Brozovich, Barbara; Okunewick, Jamers P.; Kuhnert, Betty R.
    Author Institution: Celluar and Radiation Biology Laboratories, Clinical Radiation Therapy Research Center, Division of Radiology, Allegheny General Hospital

  7. Brief Note: McGill Mastodon Found in Champaign County

    Bingaman, Ann
    Author Institution: Natural History Department, The Ohio Historical Society

  8. Estimation of Chemical Incompatibility (Other-Chemical Reactivity) By Computer

    Treweek, Dale N.; Alexander, Carl A.; Hoyland, James R.; Pentiman, Al. F.; Pardue, William M.
    Author Institution: 2626 Chartwell Road, Columbus, OH 43220 ; Columbus Laboratories

  9. Brief Note: Ecology of a Fall Population of the Clam Shrimp Caenestheriella Gynecia Mattox (Crustacea: Conchostraca)

    Emberton, Kenneth C., Jr.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology and Microbiolgy, Ohio University

  10. Effects of Hunting on Hunter Effort and White-Tailed Deer Behavior

    Grau, Gerald A.; Grau, Brenda L.
    Author Institution: Ohio Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, Ohio State University ; Department of Zoology, Ohio State University

  11. Front Matter

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