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Volume 83, Issue 4 (September, 1983)

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  2. Book Reviews

  3. The Genus Dumoprha DeLong and Freytag (Homoptera: Cicadellidae: Gyponinae) With Descriptions of Two New Species

    DeLong, Dwight M.
    Author Institution: Department of Entomology, Ohio State University

  4. Brief Note: Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assessment of Water Quality in the Cuyahoga River, Ohio – An Update

    Trauben, Bruce K.; Olive, John H.
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, The University of Akron

  5. Brief Note: A New State Record: Setaria Yehi (Filaria) Found in Odocoileus Virginianus

    Schurr, Karl; Rabalais, Francis C.
    Author Institution: Department of Biological Services, Bowling Green State University

  6. Food Resource Partitioning and Selectivity by the Greenside, Rainbow, and Fantail Darters (Pisces: Percidae)

    Hlohowskyj, Ihor; White, Andrew M.
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, John Carroll University

  7. Supernumerary Limb Induction in Ambystoma Larvaeby Frog Tissue Implants

    Tassava, Roy A.
    Author Institution: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Program, Department of Zoology, The Ohio State University

  8. Ohio Strip Mine Spoils: Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Characterization and Changes Due to Liming and Organic Additions

    Utsalo, Simon J.; Maier, Siegfried
    Author Institution: Department of Zoological and Biomedical Sciences, Ohio University

  9. Distribution and Population Estimates of Ohio Wild Turkeys (Meleagris Gallopavo), 1981-82

    Donohoe, Robert W.; Parker, William P.; McClain, Milford W.; McKibben, Charley E.
    Author Institution: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife

  10. Sunset as an Orientation Cue in White-Throated Sparrows

    Lucia, Christine; Osborne, David R.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, Miami University

  11. The Use of Space by Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla G. Gorilla) in an Outdoor Enclosure

    Hedeen, Stanley E.
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, Xavier University

  12. Provenance Dates and Feldspar Fractionation in Late Wisconsin Till of the Cuba Moraine, Ohio

    Taylor, Karen S.; Faure, Gunter
    Author Institution: Department of Geology and Mineralogy, The Ohio State University

  13. Pedologic Evidence of Two Major Pre-Illinoian Glaciations Near Cleves, Ohio

    Norton, L. D.; Hall, George F.; Goldthwait, Richard P.
    Author Institution: National Soil Erosion Laboratory, Purdue University ; Department of Agronomy, The Ohio State University ; Department of Geology and Mineralogy, The Ohio State University

  14. Retrospect on Fifty Years of Geography in the Ohio Academy of Science

    Noble, Allen G.; Harnapp, Vern R.
    Author Institution: Department of Geography, The University of Akron

  15. Glacial Geology of the Dawes Arboretum, Licking County, Ohio

    Forsyth, Jane L.
    Author Institution: Department of Geology, Bowling Green University

  16. Records and Distributional Relationships of the Roanoke Bass, Ambloplites Cavifrons in the Roanoke River Drainage, Virginia

    Jenkins, Robert E.; Cashner, Robert C.
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, Roanoke College ; Department of Biological Sciences, University of New Orleans

  17. Front Matter

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