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Volume 84, Issue 1 (March, 1984)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. List of Reviewers of Papers Appearing in the Ohio Journal of Science During 1983

  3. Book Reviews

  4. Brief Note: New Records of the Iowa Darter, Etheostoma Exile, (Percidae) in Ohio

    Phinney, George J.; Rice, Daniel L.
    Author Institution: Department of Life Science, Otterbein College ; Division of Natural Areas and Prserves, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Fountain Square

  5. Brief Note: Burrowing Crayfish Trap

    Norrocky, M. James
    Author Institution: R. D. #1, Box 5882, Vickery, OH 43464

  6. Brief Note: Survey of Ohio State University Students' Attitudes on Wildlife and Conservation Issues

    Bihari, Joyce A.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, The Ohio State University

  7. Trichoptera (Caddisflies) of Watercress Marsh, Columbiana County, Ohio

    MacLean, David B.; MacLean, Bonnie K.
    Author Institution: Department of Biological Sciences, Youngstown State University ; Biology Department, Thiel College

  8. Observations of Snow Dunes on Lake Erie

    Hannes, Gerald P.; Hannes, Susan M.
    Author Institution: Department of Geography, California State University ; Department of Geography, Santa Ana College

  9. Extramural Coronary Artery Disease in Type I Diabetes Mellitus: A Quantative Autopsy Study

    Van Der Bel-Kahn, J.; Skjaerlund, J.; Glueck, C. J.
    Author Institution: Departments of Pathology and Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati

  10. The Herpetofauna of Adams County, Ohio

    Daniel, Paul M.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, Miami University

  11. A Survey of Monogeneans on the Gills of Catostomid Fishes from Ohio (1983)

    Mergo, John C., Jr.; White, Andrew M.
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, John Carroll University

  12. Raptor Populations on Selected Park Reserves in Montgomery County, Ohio

    Mutter, Dane; Nolin, David B.; Shartle, Alex
    Author Institution: Dayton-Montgomery County Park District

  13. Monitoring of Descending Dredged Material Plumes

    Alther, George R.
    Author Institution: International Minerals and Chemicals Corporation

  14. Biomass Equations for Southeastern Ohio Forest Trees

    Kasile, Joseph D.
    Author Institution: Division of Forestry, The Ohio State University

  15. Temperature Extremes in Ohio During 1981

    Hickox, David H.
    Author Institution: Department of Geography and Geology, Ohio Wesleyan University

  16. Decline of the Upland Sandpiper (Bartramia, Longicauda) in Ohio: An Endangered Species

    Osborne, David R.; Peterson, A. Townsend
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, Miami University

  17. Spatial Variation in the Rates of Unemployment in Ohio By County, January 1981-July 1982

    Monroe, Charles B.
    Author Institution: Department of Geography, University of Akron

  18. Front Matter

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