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Volume 86, Issue 4 (September, 1986)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Endangered and Threatened Crayfishes (Decapoda: Cambaridae)

    Jezerinac, Raymond F.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, The Ohio State University at Newark

  3. Changes in an Ohio Prairie Soil as the Result of Cultivation

    Tomko, Sue Ellen; Hall, George F.
    Author Institution: Department of Agronomy, The Ohio State University, and The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center

  4. The Central Ohio Scientific Association of Urbana (1874-78)

    Dexter, Ralph W.
    Author Institution: Department of Biological Sciences, Kent State University

  5. Reproductive Performance and Condition of White-Tailed Deer in Ohio

    Stoll, Robert J., Jr.; Parker, William P.
    Author Institution: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife

  6. The Suffield Fault, Stark County, Ohio

    Root, S. I.; MacWilliams, R. H.
    Author Institution: Department of Geology, The College of Wooster

  7. Aspects of the Life History of the Tadpole Madtom, Noturus gyrinus (Siluriformes: Ictaluridae), in Southern Illinois

    Whiteside, Lisa A.; Burr, Brooks M.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

  8. Grooming Behavior in Embioptera and Zoraptera (Insecta)

    Valentine, Barry D.
    Author Institution: Faculty of Zoology, The Ohio State University

  9. Geographic Variation of Longevity in Ohio, 1930 and 1980

    Swanson, David A.; Stockwell, Edward G.
    Author Institution: Department of Sociology, Bowling Green State University

  10. Terbium Luminescence from Complexes of Angiotensin II, Small Peptides, and Amino Acids

    Miller, Theodore L.; Bennet, Loren W.; Spatz, Dana S.
    Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, Ohio Wesleyan University

  11. The Evolution-Creation Controversy: Opinions from Students at a “Liberal” Liberal Arts College

    Zimmerman, Michael
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, Oberlin College

  12. Front Matter

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