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  1. Toothbrushing procedure in schoolchildren with no previous formal instruction: variables associated to dental biofilm removal

    Rossi,Glenda N; Sorazabal,Ana L; Salgado,Pablo A; Squassi,Aldo F; Klemonskis,Graciela L
    The aim of this study was to establish the association between features regarding brushing procedure performed by schoolchildren without previous formal training and the effectiveness of biofilm removal. Out of a population of 8900 6- and 7-year-old schoolchildren in Buenos Aires City, 600 children were selected from schools located in homogeneous risk areas. Informed consent was requested from parents or guardians and formal assent was obtained from children themselves. The final sample consisted of 316 subjects. The following tooth brushing variables were analyzed: toothbrush-gripping, orientation of active part of bristles with respect to the tooth, type of movement applied, brushing...

  2. Efficacy of three thermoplastic obturation techniques in filling oval-shaped root canals

    Farias,Amanda B; Pereira,Key F.S; Beraldo,Daniele Z; Yoshinari,Franciely M.S; Arashiro,Fabio N; Zafalon,Edilson J
    The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of the thermoplastic filling techniques, Touch'n Heat®, TC® System and Tagger's Hybrid Technique, in oval-shaped canals at the apical third.Thirty-three human uniradicular lower pre-molar teeth were treated by the reciprocating movement technique and were subsequently split into 3 groups, according to the filling technique performed:Touch'n Heat (TH), TC System (TC) and the Tagger's Hybrid Technique (TG).In the sequence, the teeth were sectioned at 2mm and 4mm from the foramen and images were taken to measure the percentage of canal area filled with the obturation materials as well as void spaces.Data...

  3. Dental bleaching with ozone: effects on color and enamel microhardness

    Santana,Manuella S.C.A; Bridi,Enrico C; Navarro,Ricardo S; de Lima,Carlos J; Fernandes,Adriana B; do Amaral,Flávia L.B; França,Fabiana M. G; Turssi,Cecilia P; Basting,Roberta T
    The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the effects of dental bleaching with ozone (O3) on color change and enamel microhardness. Enamel blocks (3 x 3 x 3mm) were randomly distributed for treatments (n=10). Color change (ΔE) and Knoop microhardness of the enamel blocks were evaluated before and after the following treatments: C - deionized water (control); HP - 37.5% hydrogen peroxide (Pola Office+/ SDI); PLA - placebo gel; O3 - ozone; and O2 - oxygen. Four 8-minute applications were used for HP and PLA, and one 19-minute application for O3 and O2.One-way ANOVA revealed that ΔE...

  4. Effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors on vascular endothelial function in hypertensive patients after intensive periodontal treatment

    Rubio,María C; Lewin,Pablo G; De la Cruz,Griselda; Sarudiansky,Andrea N; Nieto,Mauricio; Costa,Osvaldo R; Nicolosi,Liliana N
    There is a relation between vascular endothelial function, atherosclerotic disease, and inflammation. Deterioration of endothelial function has been observed twenty-four hours after intensive periodontal treatment. This effect may be counteracted by the action of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, which improve endothelial function. The aim of the present study was to evaluate vascular endothelial function after intensive periodontal treatment, in hypertensive patients treated with angiotensinconverting enzyme inhibitors. A prospective, longitudinal, comparative study involving repeated measurements was conducted. Fifty-two consecutive patients with severe periodontal disease were divided into two groups, one comprising hypertensive patients treated with converting enzyme inhibitors and the other comprising...

  5. Frequency of the mesiopalatal canal in upper first permanent molars viewed through computed tomography

    Falcão,Carlos A.M; Albuquerque,Verbena C; Amorim,Neusinárya L.S; Freitas,Sérgio A.P; Santos,Tanit C; Matos,Francisca T.C; Ferraz,Maria A.A.L
    The success of any endodontic therapy depends on factors such as correct diagnosis and prognosis. Unawareness or failure to locate additional canals, such as the mesiopalatal canal in the upper first molar, may lead to unsuccessful treatment. Hence, it is valid to consider all the resources available for locating this anatomic structure, e.g. the Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). The purpose of this study was to verify the frequency of mesiopalatal canals in upper first permanent molars through computed tomography. Tomography images from a digital archive of a diagnostic imaging center were analyzed. Eighty (80) upper right first molars were assessed...

  6. Creatine metabolism: detection of creatine and guanidinoacetate in saliva of healthy subjects

    Martínez,Lidia D; Bezard,Miriam; Brunotto,Mabel; Dodelson de Kremer,Raquel
    Creatine (Cr) plays an important role in storage and transmission of phosphate-bound energy. Cerebral creatine deficiency syndromes comprise three inherited defects in Cr biosynthesis and transport. The aim of this study was to investigate whether Cr and Guanidinoacetate (GAA) can be detected in saliva of healthy subjects and to establish the relationship between salivary and plasma levels of these molecules. An adapted gas chromatography (GC) method is described for the quantification of Cr and GAA biomarkers in saliva. Reference values were established for GAA and Cr in saliva. These values were age dependent (p= 0.001). No difference between genders was...

  7. Nickel allergy: blood and periodontal evaluation after orthodontic treatment

    Pazzini,Camila A; Pereira,Luciano J; Peconick,Ana P; Marques,Leandro S; Paiva,Saul M
    The aim of this study was to assess periodontal status and blood parameters in orthodontic patients with nickel allergy one month after removal of brackets. Ninety-six randomly selected patients were initially evaluated. Allergy to nickel was diagnosed using a patch test. After determining the prevalence of subjects allergic to nickel, two groups were formed: 16 allergic (experimental) and 16 non-allergic (control) patients. Their periodontal status was determined regularly by a single, blinded, duly calibrated examiner using the Löe Index (GI) and their blood was tested (complete blood test, including nickel and IgE levels) after nine months of orthodontic treatment and...

  8. Post-bleaching sensitivity in patients with sickle cell disease

    Lisboa,Guacyra M; Guedes,Verônica L; Luna,Maria do R. M. L; Carneiro-Jr,Américo M; Stegun,Roberto C
    Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a monogenic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. This study analyzed the effectiveness of bleaching and tooth sensitivity after in-office bleaching in patients with SCD. Forty volunteers were randomly assigned to four groups of 10 patients each (five with the SCD and five healthy controls) and treated using in-office bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide and different light activation protocols. No statistically significant difference was observed with relation to presence of tooth sensitivity, with or without use of a source of light for peroxide activation, and all bleaching therapies were effective, regardless of the technique...

  9. Association between periodontal disease and endothelial dysfunction in smoking patients

    Velosa-Porras,Juliana; Escobar-Arregoces,Francina; Latorre-Uriza,Catalina; Ferro-Camargo,María B; Ruiz,Álvaro J; Uriza-Carrasco,Luis F
    Over the past two decades, there has been increasing interest in the impact of oral health on cardiovascular disease, particularly regarding the effects of chronic infections such as periodontitis on the endothelium. The aim of this study was to evaluate in healthy smokers whether there are any significant differences in the frequency of endothelial dysfunction between subjects with chronic moderate to severe periodontal disease and periodontally healthy subjects. An observational cross-sectional study was conducted. The target population was adults older than 40 years of age. Blood tests were performed to determine values of CBC, glycaemia, total cholesterol, HDL-C, and LDLC....

  10. Craniofacial pain can be the sole prodromal symptom of an acute myocardial infarction: An interdisciplinary study

    Kreiner,Marcelo; Álvarez,Ramón; Michelis,Virginia; Waldenström,Anders; Isberg,Annika
    We recently found craniofacial pain to be the sole symptom of an acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in 4% of patients. We hypothesized that this scenario is also true for symptoms of prodromal (pre-infarction) angina. We studied 326 consecutive patients who experienced myocardial ischemia. Intra-individual variability analyses with respect to ECG findings and pain characteristics were performed for those 150 patients who experienced at least one recurrent ischemic episode. AMI patients (n=113) were categorized into two subgroups:"abrupt onset" (n=81) and"prodromal angina" (n=32). Age, gender and risk factor comparisons were performed between groups. Craniofacial pain constituted the sole prodromal symptom of an...

  11. Study and analysis of information technology in dentistry in latin american countries

    López Jordi,María del C; Figueiredo,Marcia Ç; Barone,Dante; Pereira,Carolina
    Dentistry increasingly uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which has impact on teaching, research, the profession and dental care in general. However, there is a lack of valid information on ICT resources and use in Latin America. This was a descriptive, cross-sectional, multi-center, interdisciplinary study, the aim of which was to conduct a survey on how extensively ICT is used in Dentistry in Latin American countries by enquiring into two primary components: 1) use of ICT in student training and 2) use of ICT by professionals in consulting rooms and services. Two questionnaires on ICT were prepared: one for teachers/researchers...

  12. Repairability of aged resin composites mediated by different restorative systems

    Lemos,Cleidiel A. A; Mauro,Sílvio J; de Campos,Renata A; dos Santos,Paulo H; Machado,Lucas S; Fagundes,Ticiane C
    The aim of this study was to evaluate the shear bond strength of resin composite repairs with and without aging of the surface to be repaired, using different adhesive systems and resin composites. Ninety specimens were prepared: 10 for the Control Group (GC - without repair); 40 for Group I (GI - repairs after 7 days) and 40 for Group II (GII - repairs after 180 days). Groups I and II were divided into 4 subgroups of 10 specimens each, according to the adhesive system and composite resin used: A) Adper Scotch Bond Multipurpose + Filtek Z350 XT; B) Adper...

  13. Prof. Dr. María Beatriz Guglielmotti (1950 -2016)

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