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Proceedings of the International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects iPRES 2007

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  1. Digital Preservation : Sustainable Programs and Best Practices - A Comprehensive Review of iPRES 2007: Paper - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Zhenxin, Wu; Jing, Xiang; Qi, Zhao; Mei, Zhang; Jianhua, Liu
    This paper reviews iPRES2007 digital preservation international conference comprehensively, introduces the development of policies, strategies, planning and infrastructures of digital preservation, related management issues, technology researches and practices, certification and assessment, etc. It also analyzes and summarizes experiences and lessons existing in practice, discusses problems that we have and brings forward the important concerns for the next phase of digital preservation.

  2. Comparative Evaluation of Major IR Systems for Preservation: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Zeng, Ting; Dong, Li

  3. DRIVER - Building an Infrastructure of European Scientific Repositories: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Lossau, Norbert

  4. The Chronopolis Demonstration Project: A Grid-Based Digital Preservation Environment: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    McDonald, Robert H.

  5. Chinese Digital Archive Network of Foreign STM Literature: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Zhang, Xiaolin

  6. Preservation by Migration to XML: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Roorda, Dirk

  7. Preservation Planning in the OAIS Model: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Strodl, Stephan; Rauber, Andreas

  8. A practical approach to digital preservation: updates from PLANETS: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Hockx-Yu, Helen; Farquhar, Adam

  9. SHAPING COURSE. The development of the strategy for the e-Depot of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands, in a national and international context: Paper - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    van Eijck van Heslinga, Elisabeth
    Operating an international archive for digital information resources by a relatively small organization as the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) asks for a firm foundation of its policy. Continuing research and development efforts to secure permanent preservation and access to electronic information on a national and international scale require substantial financial, technical and staffing commitments. Cooperation in sharing resources and knowledge is called for. In the national context of the Netherlands the KB recently took the initiative to build the National Coalition for Digital Preservation. All relevant sectors of Dutch society are represented. Its aim is to develop a national infrastructure and to...

  10. Creating a Digital Preservation Network with Shared Stewardship and Cost: The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program Experience: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Johnson, Molly

  11. Preservation of Digitized Canadian Multicultural Heritage: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Song, Ian Yiliang

  12. New Partnerships for Scientific Data Preservation and Publication Systems: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Zhongming, Zhu; Xing, Xiaoshi; Lenhardt, Christopher; Downs, Robert R.; Chen, Robert S.

  13. Digital Preservation: Sustainable Programs and Best Practices: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Xie, Sherry L.

  14. LIFE: Costing the Digital Preservation Lifecycle: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Wheatley, Paul

  15. Creation and Long-term Preservation of Digital Multimedia Resources-Some: Preliminary Practices: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Luo, Yunchuan

  16. What do We Need to Preserve on University Level? Ask the Local Scientist: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Neuroth, Heike; Strathmann, Stefan

  17. Challenges of Digital Preservation: Early Lessons from the Portico Archive: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Fenton, Eileen

  18. Developing a CAS E-Journal Archiving System: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Zhixiong, Zhang; Jianhua, Liu; Qi, Zhao; Wenli, Guo; Zhenxin, Wu

  19. Exploring and Charting the Digital Preservation Research Landscape: Presentation - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Ross, Seamus

  20. nestor - Network of Expertise in Long-Term Storage and Long-Term availability of Digital Resources in Germany: Paper - iPRES 2007 - Beijing

    Altenhöner, Reinhard

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