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  1. Efficient betweenness Centrality Computations on Hybrid CPU-GPU Systems

    Mishra, Ashirbad
    Analysis of networks is quite interesting, because they can be interpreted for several purposes. Various features require different metrics to measure and interpret them. Measuring the relative importance of each vertex in a network is one of the most fundamental building blocks in network analysis. Between’s Centrality (BC) is one such metric that plays a key role in many real world applications. BC is an important graph analytics application for large-scale graphs. However it is one of the most computationally intensive kernels to execute, and measuring centrality in billion-scale graphs is quite challenging. While there are several existing e orts towards...
    - 12-oct-2017

  2. Similarity between Scalar Fields

    Narayanan, Vidya
    Scientific phenomena are often studied through collections of related scalar fields such as data generated by simulation experiments that are parameter or time dependent . Exploration of such data requires robust measures to compare them in a feature aware and intuitive manner. Topological data analysis is a growing area that has had success in analyzing and visualizing scalar fields in a feature aware manner based on the topological features. Various data structures such as contour and merge trees, Morse-Smale complexes and extremum graphs have been developed to study scalar fields. The extremum graph is a topological data structure based on either...
    - 06-oct-2017

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