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  1. Abstracts of the International Conference on Rabbit Production.

    World Rabbit Science
    Abstract not available.

  2. Abstracts of 2nd International Meeting on Rabbit Biotechnology.

    World Rabbit Science
    (2008). Abstracts of 2nd International Meeting on Rabbit Biotechnology. World Rabbit Science. 16(1). doi:10.4995/wrs.2008.636

  3. Effect of seminal plasma on functional integrity of rabbit sperm membranes during storage at 4ºC or freezing.

    Aksoy, M.; Cankat Lehimcioglu, N.; Akman, O.
    [EN] The effect of semen plasma removal either by simple centrifugation or by separation through a Percoll gradient on the integrity of plasma membranes of rabbit spermatozoa during storage at 4°C and freezing was evaluated in two successive experiments. A modifi ed hypo-osmotic swelling test procedure combined with supravital staining was employed to evaluate simultaneously membrane integrity of head and tail membranes of sperm cells. In the first experiment, the impact of semen plasma on membrane integrity of sperm cells was examined in Tris-citric acid-glucose extender at 4°C for 96 h. The percentage of sperm cells with disintegrated tail and...

  4. Immunotoxicity of Ochratoxin and Citrinin in New Zealand White rabbits.

    Kumar, M.; Dwivedi, P.; Sharma, A.K.; Telang, A.G.; Patil, R.D.; Singh, N.D.
    In the present study, the effects of ochratoxin A (OTA), citrinin (CIT) and their combination on the immunological parameters were studied in 6-8 weeks old New Zealand White rabbits at 60 d post-intoxication. Thirty two rabbits were divided into four groups of eight. OTA, CIT and a combination of the two were given at 0.75 mg/kg, 15 mg/kg and 0.75 plus 15 mg/kg, in feed respectively for up to 60 d of the trial. Other fourth group was used as a control, being fed standard toxin free feed. The toxin treated animals showed a signifi cant decline in antibody titres...

  5. Seasonal effects on semen quality in Black Baladi and White New Zealand rabbit.

    Safaa, H.M.; Emarah, M.E.; Saleh, N.F.A.
    [EN] A total of 32 sexually mature rabbit bucks (at 6th month of age) were used in this experiment to study the effects of breed (Black Baladi -BB- vs. White New Zealand -WNZ-) and season (summer vs. winter) on libido and seminal parameters. The experimental design was completely random with four groups arranged factorially (two breeds and two seasons) with eight rabbits in each group and three months per season. The results obtained from this study indicated that, libido (14.5 vs. 21.9 sec) and physical semen characteristics represented by the volume of semen per ejaculate without gel fractions (0.70 vs....

  6. Effect of dietary addition of Arak (Salvadora persica) on growth and reproductive performance in baladi rabbit males

    El-Kholy, K. H.; Seleem, T.S.T.; El-Aasar, T.A.; Hanaa Abdelharith, A.
    [EN] The study aimed to evaluate the effect of Arak (Salvadora persica) as feed additive on performance of pre and post-sexual maturity of rabbit males. A control diet was formulated with an estimated proportion of 18% crude protein and 14% crude fi bre. Another three diets were formulated supplementing control diet with 0.1 0.2 or 0.3% Arak. The Arak used in this study contained (as % DM basis): 27.9 ash, 12.4 crude protein, 1.7 ether extract and 8.0 crude fi bre. Ninety-six weaned Black Baladi (BB) male rabbits aged 30 d weighing 570±8.30 g (mean±standard error) were used (24 per...

  7. Effect of breed and season on rabbit production under subtropical climate.

    Ghosh, S.K.; Das, A.; Bujarbaruah, K.M.; Das, Asit; Dhiman, K.R.; Singh, N.P.
    [EN] The productive and reproductive performances of New Zealand White and Soviet Chinchilla breeds of rabbit were studied in the sub-tropical climate of Tripura, India. Data from 317 litters were collected and studied. The only signifi cant differences between the two breeds involved the number of services per conception and the inter-kindling interval which were signifi cantly (P<0.01) higher in the New Zealand White than in the Soviet Chinchilla breed. Neither breed nor gender had any signifi cant effect on individual body weight at weaning (42 d) or at day of slaughter (90 d). The season of kindling exerted a highly signifi cant (P<0.01) effect...

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