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  1. The use of a stochastic model of rabbit growth for culling.

    Sampaio, I.B.M.; Ferreira, W.M.; Bastos, A.F.
    A stochastic modeling approach was used to detect at an early stage in their growth the individuals with the best growth performance. The procedure can be helpful for culling purposes or to check if an animal is growing according to a regular pattern. The stochastic model can be based on any known rabbit growth curve but its parameters should be historically chosen in relation to the breed being raised. In this study five New Zealand White females randomly chosen from different litters were weighed weekly from birth to reproduction age (154 days). A Gompertz growth curve showed best fit to...

  2. Reproductive efficiency of female German Angora Rabbits under Indian sub-temperate climatic conditions.

    Kumar, D.; Singh, U.; Bhatt, R.S.; Risam, K.S.
    The influence of season, parity, age and weight of doe at service on the reproductive efficiency of female German Angora rabbits has been studied. Nulliparous German Angora rabbits of 4 - 5 months of age were imported from Germany in August, 1997 and reared under standard management practices. They subjected to an extensive breeding system (re-mating after weaning). The kits were weaned 42 days after kindling. The data from the reproduction records of 149 does, consisting of 398 matings and 238 kindlings during a period of five years, (1998 to 2002) were analyzed. The parameters considered were fertility rate, litter...

  3. Nitrate Detoxification of drinking water by ascorbic acid in growing rabbits.

    Shehata, S. A.
    This work was carried out to study the capacity of ascorbic acid for detoxification of drinking water nitrate in growing New Zealand White rabbits. Forty growing female rabbits were assigned to five groups (8 rabbits/group). The control animals (group 1) drank tap water without nitrate addition, those of group 2 drank water with 729 mg/l nitrate, while rabbits of groups 3, 4 and 5 drank water with the same nitrate level plus 100, 200 and 400 mg/l ascorbic acid respectively for seven weeks. The nitrate caused a significant (P<0.05) decrease in rabbit performance (feed and water intake, digestibility of nutrients...

  4. Guidelines for the handling of rabbit bucks and semen.

    International Rabbit Reproduction Group.
    This paper contains recommendations for procedures to be used in applied reproduction trials performed with rabbit bucks and/or semen. The factors influencing sperm production (environment, age, health status and feeding strategies) are described as well as the effects of semen handling (dilution, storage conditions, etc) on spermatozoa characteristics. Basic tools for analysing spermatozoa characteristics are given. Procedures, material and methods to evaluate sperm metabolism are precisely defined in an appendix. The present guidelines have been discussed and approved by a panel of experts (see footnote) in the course of various meetings in the context of COST action 848 sponsored by...

  5. Abstracts of the Welfare and Ethology presented during the 8th World Rabbit Congress. Puebla, Mexico 7-10, 2004.

    World Rabbit Science
    Abstract not available.

  6. Abstracts of the Main Papers presented during the 8th World Rabbit Congress, Puebla, Mexico 7-10, 2004.

    World Rabbit Science
    Abstract not available.

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