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  1. Nitrogen and phosphorus excretion on commercial rabbit farms: calculations based on the input-output balance.

    Maertens, L.; Cavani, C.; Petracci, M.
    Manure is no longer exclusively considered as a fertiliser in areas with high densities of farm animals. Efforts are being made to reduce mineral excretion or to stimulate a more environmentalfriendly use. In such a context, both from the governmental side and for the producer, a reliable calculation of the on-farm production is very useful. Based on the balance between input (feed) - output (produced rabbits, dead rabbits), the nitrogen and phosphorus on farm excretion have been calculated for different production systems, production levels and slaughter weights. For a closed farm (breeding + fattening) the most convenient expression of mineral...
    - 17-oct-2017

  2. Evaluation of milk production of a local Algerian rabbit population raised in the Tizi-Ouzou area (Kabylia).

    Zerrouki, N.; Lebas, F.; Berchiche, M.; Bolet, G.
    In order to characterize the does of a local Kabylian rabbit population raised in Algeria, a study of their milk production was carried out in the experimental rabbitry of the Tizi-Ouzou University. Milk production of does was measured every day during the 21 days following 299 parturitions by weighing each litter before and after the single daily suckling. The calculated parameters were the quantity of milk produced per day, per week and the total quantity produced in 21 days, as well as the intake of milk per young rabbit. The analysis concerned the effects of the parity order (4 classes:...
    - 17-oct-2017

  3. Evaluation of breeding performance of a local Algerian rabbit population raised in the Tizi-Ouzou area (Kabylia).

    Zerrouki, N.; Bolet, G.; Berchiche, M.; Lebas, F.
    A total of 287 females of a local Kabylian population of rabbits were studied at the University of Tizi-Ouzou (Algeria) over 6 years. The females were mated for the first time at the age of 4.5 months and remated 10-12 days after parturition. The females were characterized by a medium to small adult weight (2.81±0.38 kg) and a rather low prolificacy at birth and weaning (7.2±2.5 total born, 6.1±3.0 born alive and 5.4±2.3 weaned). Based on the registration of 1377 mating attempts, acceptance of mating and conception rates were 74.3±3.8% of presented does and 73.3±4.3% of mated does respectively. The...
    - 17-oct-2017

  4. Effect of diet supplementation with Toyocerin (R) (Bacillus cereus var. toyoi) on performance and health of growing rabbits.

    Trocino, A.; Xiccato, G.; Carraro, L.; Jimenez, G.
    Two trials were performed to evaluate the effect of a dietary supplementation with Bacillus cereus var. toyoi on performance and health of growing rabbits. The studies were conducted in two commercial farms using the same experimental diets. In the first trial, 216 rabbits were controlled from 35 d (weaning) until 70 d of age. In the second trial, 180 rabbits were controlled from 37 until 79 d of age. At weaning, rabbits were put into bicellular cages, divided into three groups and fed the experimental diets: diet C, diet T1 and diet T2 supplemented with 0, 200 ppm (2x105 spores/g...
    - 17-oct-2017

  5. Abstracts of the Genetics Section presented during the 8th World Rabbit Congress. Puebla, Mexico 7-10, 2004.

    World Rabbit Science
    Abstract not available.
    - 17-oct-2017

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