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  1. Technical Note: Artificial insemination in rabbits: laboratory and field trial with three different semen extenders.

    Carluccio, A.; Robbe, D.; De Amicis, I.; Contri, A.; Tosi, U.; Russo, F.; Paoletti, M.
    [EN] Today a great deal of research is focused on the development of new extenders that allow the refrigeration and maintenance of rabbit semen for a longer period of time. In this study, semen diluted with 3 different extenders (A, B, and C) and stored at two different temperatures (4°C and 38°C) were evaluated using both laboratory and in vivo tests. The best results were obtained with extender C (INRA 96) which, in the first 10 h of the test at 4°C, displayed about 80% higher motility compared to the other two extenders and preserved optimal seminal fluid motility for...
    - 02-jun-2018

  2. Performance response of doe rabbits to Toyocerin(R) (Bacillus cereus var. Toyoi) supplementation.

    Nicodemus, N.; Carabaño, R.; García, J.; Blas, J.C. de
    The efficacy of Toyocerin(R) was evaluated on doe rabbit performance. Two isonutritive diets were formulated corresponding to 2 levels of Toyocerin(R): 0 (diet T1) and 200 mg (diet T2) of Toyocerin(R)/ kg of feed. Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Toyocerin(R) on rabbit doe performance in two different experimental periods of twelve and six months, respectively. Thirty-eight breeding cages were assigned to each treatment. No interaction was found between dietary treatment and experimental period. As a consequence, the results of the two trials were treated as a whole. Inclusion of Toyocerin(R) shortened interval from parturition to effective...
    - 02-jun-2018

  3. Impact of caecotrophy on rate of passage, intake and faecal excretion pattern in the growing rabbit.

    Gidenne, T.; Lapanouse, A.
    [EN] Rate of passage was measured on 12 rabbits, either allowed to practice caecotrophy (Control period, from 56 to 60 days of age) or prevented from consuming soft faeces by wearing a plastic collar (without soft faeces intake = WSF periods, 63-66 d old and 70-73 d old). Measurements of digestive transit of the solid phase of the digesta were carried out by analysing the kinetics of faecal excretion of a fibre particles labelled with 141Ce. The excretion pattern of hard and soft faeces, hourly quantified during three complete 24-h cycle during WSF periods, showed that hard faeces excretion averaged...
    - 02-jun-2018

  4. Effect of different management methods on the nursing behaviour of rabbits.

    Matics, ZS.; Szendrõ, ZS.; Hoy, ST.; Nagy, I.; Radnai, I.; Biró-Németh, E.; GYOVAI, M.
    [EN] The aim of the experiments was to examine the nursing behaviour of does under different management methods. A continuous video recording with time lapse recorder (24 hours a day) was used. The experimental groups were: FF: Free nursing between parturition and day 16 (n=10 does); FC: Free nursing between parturition and day 9 and controlled nursing between day 10 and 16 (from 08:00 a.m. to 08:30 a.m., n=10); CF: Controlled nursing between parturition and day 9 and free nursing between day 10 and 16 (n=10); HF: The access to the nest box was free during an interval of 16...
    - 02-jun-2018

  5. Abstracts of the communications presented during the XXIX Symposium de Cunicultura, Lugo, Spain. 31 March and 1 April 2004.

    World Rabbit Science
    (2004). Abstracts of the communications presented during the XXIX Symposium de Cunicultura, Lugo, Spain. 31 March and 1 April 2004. World Rabbit Science. 12(2):119-132. doi:10.4995/wrs.2004.576
    - 02-jun-2018

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