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Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume 35 (May 1987)

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  1. Silent Features and Syntactic Analysis

    Hoeksema, Jack

  2. Closure Duration in the Classification of Stops: A statistical analysis

    Shen, Z. W.; Wooters, C.; Wang, W. S-Y.
    This study was supported by grants from the Harvard-Yenching Institute and the National Science Foundation (#INT-8314687).

  3. On the Phrasing of Coordinate Compound Structures

    Langendoen, D. Terence

  4. On Situation Adverbs

    Geis, Michael L.

  5. The Phonological Domains of Final Lengthening

    Beckman, Mary E.; Edwards, Jan

  6. Some Implications of Issues in Social Dialectology for Linguistic Reconstruction

    Jeffers, Robert J.

  7. Pronouns and People: Some Preliminary Evidence that the Accessibility of Antecedents in Processing Can Vary with Clause Relation and Biology

    Cowart, Wayne

  8. Paragraph Perception by Seven Groups of Readers

    Garnes, Sara

  9. Feminism in Morphology

    Dressler, Wolfgang U.

  10. A Greek-Bulgarian Mischsprache in the Rhodope?

    Joseph, Brian D.

  11. Codeswitching in War and Peace

    Borker, David R.; Borker, Olga Garnica

  12. What is Kāraka? A Probe into Pāṇini's Analytical Procedure

    Singh, Jag Deva
    Nominal and verbal stems are found related variously in syntactic constructions. These relationships may be distinguished as kāraka and non-kāraka. Nominal stems, 'things' indicated by which help 'actualization' of action denoted by verbal stems, are called kāraka. The rest are non-kāraka. In this paper we discuss what kāraka is; why there are only six varieties of it; why nominal stems are labelled as kāraka and what analytical procedure presumably Pāṇini follows in determining kāraka distinctions.

  13. Lake Miwok Naturalization of Borrowed Phonemes

    Callaghan, Catherine A.

  14. Adverbs, Polysemy, and Compositional Semantics

    Ernst, Thomas

  15. 'Concessive' as a discourse relation in expository written English

    Thompson, Sandra A.

  16. Some Literary Manifestations of Language Contact

    Byron, Janet

  17. Notes toward a Semantic Simulation of a Fragment of Child Language

    Todd, Andrew; Todd, William

  18. Parameters and Markedness in the Acquisition of Syntax

    Drachman, G.

  19. The Slovenian Orphan Accusative, Component Interfaces, And Covert Grammatical Categories

    Zwicky, Arnold M.

  20. Ordering Paradoxes and Lexical Phonology

    Odden, David

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