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Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume 29 (May 1984)

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  1. Front Matter (Number 29, May 1984)

  2. Five Morphemes in Finnish: Possessive Suffixes or Anaphoric Clitics

    Nevis, Joel

  3. Clitics and Particles

    Zwicky, Arnold M.
    Typological and theoretical speculations about clitics require that clitic be adequately distinguished from inflectional affix on the one side and from independent word on the other. The first of these tasks has been attended to, but the second has been slighted, with the result that many items labeled as 'particles' have been treated as clitics. After some remarks on what 'tests' are in linguistics, a series of tests is provided for distinguishing clitics from independent words. On the basis of these, it is concluded that most of the 'particles' in the literature are simply words, and from this conclusion it...

  4. A Non-endoclitic in Estonian

    Nevis, Joel A.

  5. Attachment of Articles and Prepositions in German: Simple Cliticization or Inflected Prepositions

    Hinrichs, Erhard W.

  6. "Reduced Words" in Highly Modular Theories: Yiddish Anarthrous Locatives Reexamined

    Zwicky, Arnold M.

  7. The Syntax-Phonology Boundary and Current Syntactic Theories

    Pullum, Geoffrey K.; Zwicky, Arnold M.

  8. Why -skI? A Study of Verbal Aspect in Conchucos Quechua

    Stewart, Anne M.

  9. Heads

    Zwicky, Arnold M.

  10. Lexical Relatedness, Head of a Word, and the Misanalysis of Latin

    Joseph, Brian; Wallace, Rex

  11. On Explaining Morpheme Structure

    Churma, Donald G.

  12. Locative Plural Forms in Classical Sanskrit

    Brodie, Belinda L.

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