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Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume 20 (September 1975)

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  1. Front Matter (Number 20, September 1975)

  2. Tone Melodies and the Autosegment

    Goldsmith, John

  3. Downdrift and Downstep in Luo

    Tucker, A. N.; Creider, Chet A.

  4. The Ordering of Derivational Tone Rules in Yoruba

    Sterk, Jan P.

  5. Is Hausa a Suprasegmental Language?

    Churma, Donald G.

  6. Nonsegmental Tone in Lango

    Clifton, John M.

  7. Some Problems with Binary Features for Tone

    Stahlke, Herbert F.

  8. The Phonemic Status of Mid Tone in Ebolowa Bulu

    Wilkinson, Robert W.

  9. Nasal Interactions and Bantu Vowel-Initial Roots; The Morphological or Phonological Solution?

    Dalgish, Gerry

  10. Vowel Length in Moore: Its Phonemic Status and Its Orthographic Representation

    Nikiema, Norbert

  11. An Acoustic Analysis of Double Articulations in Ibibio

    Garnes, Sara

  12. Contributions to the Afroasiatic Comparative Word List

    Dolgopolsky, Aron B.
    The present study is based on sound correspondences described in my papers on Cushitic and Chadic comparative phonology (Sravnitel'no-istoricheskaja fonetika kushitskix jazykov, Moscow, 1973; the articles in "Jazyki Afriki", Moscow, 1966, "Konferencija po sravnitel'no-istoricheskoj grammatike indoevropejskix jazykov", Moscow, 1972, etc.) and in studies by O. Stolbova, N. Panova, and V. Porkhomovsky.

  13. A Reconstructed Chronology of Loss: Swahili Class 9/10

    Hinnebusch, Thomas J.

  14. Lenis Stops and the Origins of Volta-Comoe Consonant Mutation

    Stewart, John

  15. Toward a Reconstruction of Proto-Nilotic Vocalism

    Hall, R. M. R.; Hall, Beatrice L.; Antell, Stephen A.; Myers, Amy; Sheerin, Lawrence P.

  16. Back Matter (Number 20, September 1975)

  17. Back Matter (Number 20, September 1975)

  18. Variation in the Krio Speech Community

    Williams, Wayne R.

  19. Variation in the Krio Speech Community

    Williams, Wayne R.

  20. A Constraint on Complements in Swahili

    Wager, Janet S.

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