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  1. Impacts of Social Media on Consumer Buying Behavior

    Alkhalifah, Zahrah
    This research responds to the main question of the impact of social media on consumer purchasing decisions. Understanding consumer behavior is complex. Companies that want to build a strong customer base and develop a successful marketing strategy should understand the consumer behavior model. When the companies go through social media this will allow the companies to interact and communicate with individuals.
    (47 page) - 31-oct-2017

  2. Macroeconomic Processes in Azerbaijan: Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy

    Rzayeva, Leyla
    At present socio-economic situation in the country, we are in stability and dynamic development stage. It is more effective to promote stability and dynamic development of the proposals are as follows: fight against the dollarization,increase the capacity of the national currency, currency regime gradually soften and etc.
    (59) - 31-oct-2017

  3. Analysis of Communication at RT Corporation

    Huang, KaiPeng
    Communication is very important in our life and any corporation. Communication involves written communication, oral communication, nonverbal communication and electronic communication. Nonverbal communication is amazing, it exist around us. Electronic communication getting more and more important in 21st century. The communication in RT corporation.
    (43) - 31-oct-2017

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