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Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume 47 (Autumn 1995)

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  1. Front Matter (Volume 47, Autumn 1995)

  2. Exceptional degree markers: A puzzle in internal and external syntax

    Zwicky, Arnold M.

  3. The Status of Onsetless Syllables in Kikerewe

    Odden, David
    Research for this paper was supported in part by NSF Grant SBR-9421362.

  4. The Interaction of Segmental-Prosodic Rules with Tonal Rules: A Case Study of North Kyungsang Korean

    Kim, No-Ju

  5. Employing a Multimodal Logic in an Approach to German Pronoun Fronting

    Golde, Karin

  6. The Syntactic Structure of Chinese Formal Focus

    Gao, Qian

  7. Discriminating Between Syntactic and Semantic Processing: Evidence from Event-related Potentials

    Darnell, Kim
    By measuring the event-related brain potentials (ERPs) elicited during a visual word-by-word presentation of sentences containing either a syntactic incongruity, semantic incongruity, or a combined syntactic and semantic incongruity, I investigated whether the N400 and P600 waveforms are discrete components reflective of independent semantic and syntactic processing or simply sub-parts of a larger wave caused by general sentential processing difficulty. Words that were syntactically inconsistent with the sentence structure elicited a P600 potential, while words that were semantically inconsistent elicited an N400 potential. Words that caused both a syntactic and semantic violation of the sentence in which they appeared evoked...

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