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  1. Moral Veritas - Utilitarianism 2017

    Gasteratos, Kristopher Spiros
    Moral Veritas consists of technical & ethical analyses of revolutionary technologies on the horizon. This 2017 entry focuses on three such radical technologies under the moral lens of utilitarianism.
    - 02-dic-2017

  2. Nature & the Neomnivore

    Gasteratos, Kristopher Spiros
    Nature & the Neomnivore is an elaboration by Kristopher Gasteratos of the Cellular Agriculture Society's core tenant, "For the world." Animal agriculture, at its current scale, requires an exceptional degree of ecological resources and is among the most overlooked causes of environmental detriment. This report seeks to segment the basis for animal agriculture’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, fresh water consumption, and arable land use, among other tangential environmental consequences of animal husbandry. Upon establishment of the salience of these issues, this report will guide examination of an alternative method of animal product acquisition, cellular agriculture. A primary purpose of this...
    - 28-nov-2017

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