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Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume 16 (December 1973)

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  1. Front Matter (Number 16, December 1973)

  2. Bibliography III. Forestress and Afterstress, Compounds and Phrases

    Zwicky, Arnold M.

  3. Bibliography II. Cyclical Segmental Rules

    Zwicky, Arnold M.

  4. Bibliography I. Coivs

    Zwicky, Arnold M.

  5. Bibliographies on Small Subjects

    Zwicky, Arnold M.

  6. A Case of Early Lexical Insertion

    Neeld, Ronald

  7. Adverbial -ing

    Silva, Clare M.

  8. On the Semantics of Futurate Sentences

    Goodman, Fred

  9. Discord

    Silva, Clare M.; Zwicky, Arnold M.

  10. On Suggesting

    Lee, Patricia

  11. On the Global Nature of the Sentential Subject Constraint

    Neeld, Ronald

  12. Comparative Simplification

    Geis, Michael L.

  13. Ambiguity Tests and How to Fail Them

    Zwicky, Arnold M.; Sadock, Jerrold M.
    A number of tests used by linguists to distinguish ambiguity from lack of specification are described and illustrated, with brief critical commentary. The tests appeal to semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic principles. Special attention is given to tests using transformations whose applicability depends upon identity of sense; these tests can help to decide the status of examples for which other tests give no evidence. But there is a class of cases where the identity tests predict ambiguity, even though common sense (and tests not involving identity of sense) says that these cases involve special uses of sentences, not meaning proper, and...

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